Pawn shop abused my gun

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    I this story comes from an earlier time in my life when I was young and still finishing college.

    Like any college student, my income came in spurts. I lived off what I could make working while in school. My most useful and prized possession was a Sig Sauer P229. Due to money constrains I found myself having to pawn it to pay tuition. I got a whopping 300.00 for a gun that retails for 999.00 in a lot of stores.

    The gun was flawless. I shot 50 rounds and cleaned it when I got it.

    When I went to get it back, there were some scratches under the trigger right about where a man's ring finger would hit hit if he were shooting left handed.

    This gun was FLAWLESS. I called them out on it because it isn't their property until I forfeit it.

    They said it was not their fault. They told me the local police come in to check serial numbers from time to time. Bulls$&@. The number is on the box and also on the gun. And there were many scratches. It appears a southpaw took it for a test drive. I could tell someone tried to clean it, because it had way too much oil on it too.

    What can a poor college student do? Scratches and too much oil are hardly evidence.

    After I got it out, I ended up selling it. It was my first gun, and now I felt it was tainted. I got mad every time I looked at it because of the while incident.

    Any readers: do police really review serial numbers?

    Do pawn shops play with the toys before they are forfeited?

    Some friendly advice. Don't pawn what you aren't willing to part with.
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    In California, the Pawn Shops are required to provide their local police department with the daily pawn slips which state names, their identification, the type, serial numbers and caliber or weapon, and price paid. We do not go into their businesses unless there is a match on a stolen gun. I can imagine at the end of the day, they just toss then into the safe and aren't too careful about it.
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  3. cmiddleton

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    Thanks for the info. Mine was in the original box. Should have survived a throw into the safe without extra gun oil an scratches ;)

    But I think it's a great idea to check serial numbers. I am all for taking guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. Like criminals and mentally compromised.
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    At the shop I hang out in...when your gun is taken into "pawn" its is wrapped in a saran wrap type plastic and stored on a carpeted shelf. Its is though surrounded by others treated the same way and Im sure from lack of simple concideration...the guns are laid on top of one another in a "its not mine" type fashion. Sadly, no one will take better care of your stuff than you will...

    Sorry to read this and I hope the scratches arent too deep.
  5. Happysniper1

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    Wow, so sorry to hear that. Such a shame. On a quality piece of precision engineering, no less.

    Over here, pawnshops report transacted records to the PD by phone at the end of the day, and a paper record is sometimes faxed the next morning. PD does not become involved unless there is a question about the piece, but in no case will PD take the gun for a test ride.

    Sounds like someone at your pawnshop wanted to try it out, probably the person in charge of all firearm transactions at the local store, and maybe he wanted some pictures for his FB page, as well. Man, I am sorry. That's like rape. :mad:
  6. bhale187

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    Around here a PD will go check serial numbers at pawn shops a few days after a burglary that involved firearms.

    However, I know a couple of pawn shop operators, and I can tell you they do take out loaned merchandise for 'test drives' all the time. They consider it a little perk of the job.
  7. G-23

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    Sounds like this happened years ago. Get over it and move on.
  8. cmiddleton

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    It was a long time ago and I have more than enough guns now.

    The intent of the post was to let people know what happened to me in case they were considering pawning a gun if money was needed.

    So, I am over it and have been over it for years.
  9. TxShooter

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    Was it in the case?
  10. cmiddleton

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    Yes, in the case. All original paperwork. I keep everything with my major purchases. Computers, appliances, guns etc.