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  1. Ok I got a question. I live in the city now an boy
    do I hate it. The question is when is enough,
    enough? It's a known crack house on our block. Been raided twice in the past three months. At least five of us call daily on them. Nothing gets down. Several carry weapons which I know none qualify for a CCW. Well today while I was gone to get my little girl, my wife calls me and told me she had to call the police again. After they did a "deal" he took off and came around the corner. He nearly hit a group of kids that just got off the bus. The poor kids dove in the yard to get away. The kids was off the road even. I'm like the next guy, I like to have a get together once in the while but this sucks. Dang BOOM BOOM crap all day and night, fighting, cussing with kids everywhere,you name it. Anyone got any ideals short of me moving or going over there myself? I'd move but can't right now. I know there is some LEOs on here. I've had it up to my ears, and we all know it's going to be worse tomorrow with the final four and all. Yes I'm in Louisville if you are wondering. Thanks all…