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  1. We probably all have at least one dog in the family, so share em! Mine is my Husky, Felonious Assault. He goes by Felon. First picture is Felon at only 10 weeks old, he's a big boy. You can't tell by the pictures, but now that he is a year old he checks in at 85 pounds. No surprise since he weighed 25 at those 10 weeks.

    Most recent one I have is from when he got bit by a brown recluse.

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  2. This is Zeke! 110 lbs of Rotten goodness!

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    I have two small dogs...

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  4. lmao small dog FAIL. Cute kid
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    Yeaaa :( lol. thanks, accidently added that.
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    This is Brittnee, my (almost) 10 year old Dutch Shepherd. There are a few variants. She's a silver brindle.

    She was a rescue. I got her at ~7 months. We don't know her exact bday, but end of February is close enough (that's when she'll actually turn 10). This is one of my favorite recent pictures of her. Please excuse the clutter; she interrupted me sorting through stuff. She had been laying next to me when she suddenly stood up, planted her foot on my chest and just stood there. I have no idea what the thought process was...she's never done it before.


    And one from when she was ~8 months because I can't seem to find any newer ones that show all of her.

  7. This past year I lost both of my dogs/best friends of the last 14yrs. After the first one passed I think the other just gave up. I sure miss them. I think myself and my family are finally ready to get another. Looking into getting a pair Argentina Dogo's.

    This was my bud, 4 months before he passed. 135lb English Chocolate Lab. He was so AWESOME!

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  8. nice bike!

    The wife took another of me and Felon today, to show how he has grown. I head to bend way back to hold him this time. All 85lbs of him haha

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  9. Here are the two dogs we currently have. The blonde lab is Berry, a 10 year old 50 lb scaredy-cat. The other is Mickey, a 3 year old 20 lb Jack Russell terrier.

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  10. Thanks. Look at the hobby thread for better pics of it and the other I have.
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    Mouse, the rat terrier. Perfect alert dog. Can hear a rat pissing on cotton. One of the breeds used to make the Jack Russel. Have a sharp terrier bark but they don't keep yapping like a Jack. Smartest dog I ever had in my 61 years.

    Sleeps under the covers. Got me up one morning at 5am, shooting out from under. Never made a sound. She went right to the door, I let her out and before I got the backyard light on, bang! One dead possum in the back yard. Less then 5 seconds.

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    This is Joker she's 155 lbs of Great Daney goodness
  13. Nuckin I love Huskies Id really like to get one!
    And Mike P I never even knew that there was such thing as English Chocolate Labs....That this looks the size of a mastiff!
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    If I had 4 big ol' dogs like yours, you can bet they would be on my sofas just like that, and I'd be on the floor.
  15. They are all much bigger than normal Labs. I used to call him my genetic freak. He was 135lbs of the most laid back dog you've ever seen. So laid back in fact that obedience was never instilled into him, it just sort of came natural.

    Google image them up, they are AWESOME dogs.
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    Ya we have some "territorial" disputes every once in awhile!!
  17. What a cutie! Dog aint to bad either :D
  18. Yes, huskies. Noisy, stubborn, shedding, hyper, restless, big, curious, water obsessed fluff balls hahaha. I love my Felon, even if he is an ass sometimes.
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    Lol, thanks!