Palms Internet Cafe Shooting

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    Couldn't view the video, but great story. Two masked men, one with a gun and one swinging a bat busting things up, intended to intimidate at best or harm somebody at worst. Sounds like a justified shooting to me. Funny how when the scenario evens out, bad guys scurry like rats.

    Any thoughts on caliber choice? We don't know where the shots were placed, but would the outcome be different if he was using a heavier caliber?

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    Good stuff right there. 71 year old is ready for some action.
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    Don't come to Ocala messing folks!! This is just a few miles from where my house is. Pretty much everyone is armed in Ocala and a lot of retirees here that just don't play!
  5. Runman,

    Video is excellent. Funny you bring up caliber choice, and if the guy had a .45, things may have been much worse for the two goblins, but all I can say is that pocket .380 could have been a .44 magnum and those two punks could not have retreated faster! They were hauling butt like a scalded dog!

    Goes to show the element of surprise, smart tactics, and proper mindset will serve you better than a pocket cannon and paralyzing fear.

    That older guy was impressive. He probably should not have fired the last few rounds since the criminal scum was clearly in full retreat for parts unknown, but glad no charges will be filed.
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    Best F'ing video ever, I love them climbing over themselves trying to escape LOL.
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    That will slow down their criminal activity. Great post.
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    I don't know where Ocala is but gawt dammit I'm moving there! Pop's don't play!
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    Can't wait to get somewhere where I can see the video now.
  10. .................


    Sheep dogs at their finest!!!!!!
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    Watched it several times... If I may add my narration...

    Robbers enter and begin intimidating victims.
    Chair turns in background, "I've been expecting you".
    The robbers book it out the door screaming profanities while they loose control of their bowels and bladders...
    Man from the chair in the background shoots at them as they flee out the door, "and don't come back".
    Victims celebrate!

    Bravo, well done!
  13. GunnerGSP

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    My narration of the incident...

    ...While on vacation, Hickok45 heads to the nearest Internet cafe to upload his latest and greatest shooting videos (which you had better enjoy, by the way).

    Upon seeing the miscreants enter the cafe armed and able to do harm, Hickok readies his pocket pistol and when the gun-toting would be gangsta is not looking, he commences to do battle.

    Realizing they have chosen the wrong cafe to plunder, the big, bad gangstas hasten to exit the premises all the while stumbling over themselves in the most amusing manner...

    Hats off to you civilian sheepdog! And yes, I know it was not Hickok45. But it's my imagination after all. ;)
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    Idk about Fl. But I was reading up on Ga. Laws and in a situation like that once the bad guy begins to retreat you are no longer allowed go use deadly force. Obviously. But it seemed like he kept shooting after they began retreating. Maybe its just me.
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    I just love it when the bad guys lose.

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    This is awesome!

    The ol' guy was about 2 (max 3) yards out when he fired on the clown with the gun (00:35). I keep thinking that perp had an angel watching over him because had that been a .45 instead of a .380 or had Samuel Williams aimed for a headshot, Duwayne Henderson would be laid out in a pool instead of stumbling over his fool of an accomplice while running out.

    Also at 00:35, notice how the perp's gun was pointed directly at the ol' guy! I hope they reward the guy with free lifetime internet cafe usage.

    @g21redman: Agreed. It's hard to justify to a judge, if necessary, shooting into someone's back while they are in full retreat.
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    Ive always wondered, if a perp is in full retreat but hes shooting at/towards you at the same time, can it still be justifed if you shoot and hit them....

    ROYALE-W-CHEESE New Member

    In CA, hell yeah. For most states, I'm fairly certain justification is defined by overall actions, not just direction of travel. That is, if he's shooting at you, he's still presenting a serious threat that would justify use of lethal force regardless of where he was running.

    "Retreat" is usually defined as stopping the deadly action or threat of deadly action. YMMV. KYSL.
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    Thats what i figured. Just always pondered about it.
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    I bet Dutchs goes there for some sweet gambling!!! I have to visit Ocala man... I really do! :-/