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    Just bought a new gen 5 glock 19 9mm. Curious as new whether or not +p and/or +p+ ammo is safe for this gun. New to the glock word and having a hard time getting this info. Looking for leads. Thanks
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    From Glock FAQs... https://us.glock.com/customer-service/faq

    Can I use +P and +P+ ammunition?
    Glock suggests using ammunition that is manufactured and meets SAAMI or industry specifications. If you are not sure the ammunition brand or type you choose is safe for use, call the ammunition manufacturer and ask if the product meets SAAMI guidelines before using it in you firearm. Some +P ammunition meets these guidelines, +P+ normally does not. This ammunition may generate a higher pressure over the standard loadings, and may shorten the component life of your firearm.

    SAAMI Std.jpg
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    I’ve spoken to Glock and no issues with +P. This however was regarding Gen 4. Can’t see Gen 5 having issues but a quick call will resolve it. Was told to expect quicker wear. That makes sense.

    Specific to my inquiry was to use for practice.
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    I've chron'd WINSXT 127 gr +P+ to over 1,350 fps in a OEM G17. No worries. Wouldn't run it for 20,000 rounds though... Glocks, unlike wide body 1911's, won't hold up to Major 9 loads for very long. That's why you see very few of them in USPSA Open Division.
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    I would hope most people won't shoot +P or +P+ through their firearm all the time. I would only use it for defensive ammo.
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    Exactly my thought. Just using it for defense loads. Thanks bud
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    Shooting a few magazines of factory +P or +P+ to test your pistol's reliability and for you to become familiar with the pistol's 'high pressure' recoil with your chosen self defense cartridge is a non-issue. ;)

    Happy shooting! :)
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    +P falls under SAAMI specifications. +P+ does not. What that means is that there is no industry standard for +P+ ammunition. It can and will vary from one manufacturer to another. No maximum pressure ceiling. +P I do use but +P+ I won't touch.
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    What does the Manual say?