+P or +P+ ammo use in 21 with Lone Wolf barrel

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by justa22, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. justa22

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    Can +P or +P+ ammo be used in a Glock 21 45 with a good supported chamber aftermarket barrel like Lone Wolf, probably would also need a stronger Wolf spring i guess.
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    The best course to follow if you have questions regarding specific ammunition is to refer to the Glock owners manual. Or in the case of an aftermarket vendor such as Lone Wolf, contact them, and inform them of what you'd like to do with their product, and see what they recommend. However, things can get a little strange in this area. Glock states that they will warranty the firearm as long as SAAMI approved ammunition is used. Which seems pretty straightforward, and when you check the specs on Winchester Ranger T for example, Winchester states that The Ranger T generates 21,000 psi fired from their SAMMI test barrel, But then when you look up the specs for The Winchester Ranger T +P, Winchester says The Ranger +P generates 23.000 psi fired from their SAAMI test barrel. +P means overpressure from factory standard. So it appears by their product statement that 2000 psi over standard is SAMMI approved also. It can get confusing. The Winchester Ranger T +P is moving pretty good, the cited spec out of a 5" barrel is a 230 grain bullet traveling at 980 fps. That will put accelerated wear on anything shooting it. I just think about that big Glock slide coming right back at my nose. That helps me most in ammunition selection.
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  3. 762X51

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    Yes you can +p stuff and 45 super run just fine threw a lonewolf barrel. I run a 22 lbs spring, recoil buffer and a 6"LW barrel.
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    I would say yes.

    At least in the 40/9 barrel, LWD recommends 100 rounds of +P ammo to "break in" the barrel.