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+P+ bullets

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The one on the left is the FMJ bullets my vendor is supplyng me for my glock19. I have tried 124gr hollow point bullets before but this is the first time I bought a +P+ bullets. Now my question is it safe for our glocks? What are the pros and cons of +P+ bullets over the 124gr ones? I intend to use it for home defense since they told me it packs more punch. I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks!


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+P+ is fine in Gen 2.5 Glocks and up. As long as they have the 3 pin configuration, you should be fine.
The advantage of +P+ is it is a hotter round. The Federal 9BPLE has good street cred and has been around for a fairly long time. The disadvantages are, possibility of over penetration and increased recoil. Unless you are a very well seasoned shooter forget about double tapping somebody with it, which defeats some of the advantage 9 has over other calibers.
My vendor told me just to play safe is that I insert it alternately with 124gr bullets. That's why it got me a bit worried if it will be safe on my glock19. By the way mine is Gen3.
Can't imagine it being as hot as the .357 sig.
Which is pretty hefty in the recoil and blast department.
I've shot +p+ and as stated it has a lot more pop... Just see what you think. I would rather just go .40 I think. Or a regular 9 to keep shot count up. It's just much more snappy IMO... I'm interested to hear what others think though. There is nothing wrong with it at all! My good friend carries +p and shoots well with it
I cant wait to try it out at the range!
The only thing I've read from Glock is that they dont recommend feeding it a steady diet of +P as some components may wear out early. Recoil springs mainly. Other than that the letter I read, which I believe was posted somewhere on this site, said you should be alright.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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