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Is it legal for a 15 year old in Michigan to own a glock under there name?
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Nope, gotta be 21. Also, the 15-year-old cannot even have in his or her possession without an Adult over 21 present in most states.
Even the possession of ammunition by someone who is under 16 is illegal in most states.
Didnt you see on the news a few days ago what that 15 yr whte boy did here in AZ, shot 3 people n killed 2 at a smoke shop, damn these whte ppl man. Lol

So, NO its not legal.
I had a G27 when I was 16 or so bought it off one of those dodgy Canton, Ohio cops... You aren't allowed to have one legally but theres not really anything to stop you if you can find someone willing to sell you one. Also you could have your parents buy one and let you use it.

You may be GIFTED a handgun at the age of 18, but not purchase it. You may not purchase until 21. You can not qualify to CARRY until 21. You may transport at 18. You may not FIRE the weapon at 18 without an adult of 21 years of age or older present.

That is how MI works.
In AZ you can purchase and open carry at age 18 without permit
AZ is much more free thinking then MI. MI has very good gun laws, but they don't favor the young.
Wait until you grow up. Glocks are not toys, and I don't carry to be cool.
Fyi im 25 and have taken the ccw class and have my permit and i do practice as much as i can. I was just saying is all. Im happy with the gun laws in AZ expect for that 18 yr old one, kinda scary.
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In AZ:
18 to buy shotguns and rifles from anyone.
21 to buy handguns from FFL dealer, 18 from non-dealer.
18 to be gifted firearm without parental consent, any age with parental consent.
18 to open carry any firearm, 21 to conceal.
18 to buy ammo to be used in a rifle/shotgun, 21 to buy ammo to be used in a handgun.
No registration, no "ownership" laws.
Only possession and use laws.
Minors can posses for lawful purposes such as target shooting, hunting, or farming/ranching activities, with parent or trained instructor present.
No age limit for possession/concealment while on own property or property owned by parents or grandparents, with or without supervision.
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