OWB retention for LCP? Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by Kmurray96, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Getting time to start thinking about doing my dept. requals (Thank God, for the last time). Used a leather, strap retention OWB holster last year. Trouble was the holster collapses on the draw and it's a pain in the A for a fat guy like me to fumble around re-holstering. Plus it's time consuming on a timed course of fire. Very tafiki-taboo.:mad:

    Unfortunately, my dept. requires a OD holster with "positive" retention. Blackhawk Serpa is a perfect range holster without a strap that stays open, but so far nothing from them for the LCP.

    A hybrid kydex with a nylon top strap, snap or Velcro, would be perfect. We only have to show retention. We don't require re-strapping between stages.

    Anybody know of a OWB rig like that for a LCP?
  2. Do you have to have a strap? We make units for LCP's.

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    Not sure Mike, I didn't use my Scorpion on my G36 because I didn't want to take the chance. They were OK with my Blackhawk Serpa, though.

    Stupidly, I didn't look around to see what other holsters were being used. On the dept range, it seems everyone just wants to shoot and get the hell out of there.

    But you know what? I'm still on vacation, so I'll call up to the range tomorrow and find out from the source.