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  1. Hurricane460

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    Other than the information listed on their web page does anyone have any other contact information for them? I ordered (and paid for credit card was billed) a item from them on June 7th and I still haven't seen the item as of yet. I ordered several items before and never had a issue before.
  2. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    June 7th placed a order for 1 (ONE) Glock 36 Magazine from Outer Banks Ammunition. Spoke to the same person twice, the second time "Roy" told me the magazine shipment from Glock was stolen and they are getting replacements and will be sent out within a couple days. NOW this was last week when I talked to "Roy" and now NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE....Cant understand it I have ordered several magazines from them in the past with no issues but now going on a month with NOTHING being heard. ...... My patience is wearing thin....BUYER BEWARE!!! Spread the word to all your shooting friends and family where NOT to buy items from!!!!

  3. Hurricane460

    Hurricane460 Glock Doc..

    NOTE.....after 2 and a half months I did get a refund.
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    Wow sorry man, that sucks.
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    Yeah, that really sucks man. Id be pissed .
  6. 16again

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    Me too, big time pissed.