Other hobbies?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Glock_Fanatic, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Glock_Fanatic

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    So what are your other hobbies. I know we all enjoy shooting but what else make you tick...?

    Personally I love music, cars and my 4 wheeler!


  2. Glock_Fanatic

    Glock_Fanatic Member

  3. jrlusmc

    jrlusmc Member

    Believe it or not cooking! Made full 4th dinner with my 23 on
  4. singyourdeathsong

    singyourdeathsong New Member

    I would be a lost soul of it wasn't for hockey! That's my number one hobby, but others do come to mind... Camping, hiking, fishing, and fitness.
  5. Glock_Fanatic

    Glock_Fanatic Member

    Oh and I forgot... COD!!
  6. G23kodiak

    G23kodiak New Member

    Have you played battlefield 3?
  7. BrooklynBoss

    BrooklynBoss New Member

    Soooo this is going to sound geeky from a 50 year old, My other hobby is technology:devices, coding, learning, I cant get enough of it.
  8. rickjames

    rickjames Hard Work! Dedication! Supporter

    Nothing wrong with that. At least you want to learn.
    My mother in law is 50 something, and she won't touch electronics without being afraid of something going wrong.
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  9. Glock_Fanatic

    Glock_Fanatic Member

    I have but I prefer the run and gun game... I don't do well with battlefield. Maps are too big and I don't like the whole team concept and vehicles and all that garbage. I just wanna run around and shoot people
  10. Besides guns I also like handloading ammo and casting bullets but that's still kind of in the "Gun" category.
    I like messin' around with my V8, S-10 Pick Up truck, I also love music, played guitar and bass for quite a number of years but had to sell everything off when I got unemployed. Still, I picked up a few Harmonicas and learned to play em', don't play much because it's not as fun as guitar or bass but at least I've got em' if the urge hits.
    Would you consider drinking beer as a "Hobby"? If so you can add that one to my list too,LOL.:D
  11. laober

    laober Member

    I know it's gun related, but I've become obsessed with customizing my guns. Then starting over and trying something else. This is only to fill time until football season starts, then it's Big House football for me.
    And oh yeah, spending time with my kids, lol. That actually comes first, gun stuff comes after they are in bed for the night.
  12. Dan75719

    Dan75719 New Member

    Watching hockey (seems like forever until next season) and playing piano are my biggest ones. Studying is not really a hobby but it seems to take up most of my time so I guess I will include that too.
  13. TallMallard

    TallMallard New Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Hockey fan here as well - season ticket holder to the Anaheim Ducks. Bowling which I've been doing for a lonnngggg time (three 300 games, 299, 298 and 290 games as well, all in league play), and gardening (which provides me with no brainer, outdoor activity for relaxation.
  14. Hollen

    Hollen New Member

    I'm into breeding ball pythons! I know it sounds crazy but some sell for alot of cash. And I think they are really awsome pets.
  15. jrlusmc

    jrlusmc Member

    Why only some sell for so much? Markings? Just curious :)
  16. G17XJ_BS

    G17XJ_BS New Member

    Thats awesome, I had two Colombia red tail boas growing up. One was 7' long other was about 4'. I sold them back to the exotic pet store bout 10 years ago when I moved away for college!!
  17. Caseyglock19

    Caseyglock19 New Member

    Sabres fan for life.
  18. xxlrg

    xxlrg New Member

    I was into flying nitro powered model helicopters for a while but haven't flown one in a couple months. I had a a couple of quads but sold them 4 or 5 yrs ago. I had a banshee and yamaha 450 like yours. Have had 2 harleys buy got rid of the last one last year. I play a little golf when its not too hot outside.
  19. Love my cardinal sports much as my glocks, fishing even if i dont catch nothing, building chevy trucks and pimping mossberg shotguns