Oregon Oregon monthly USPSA/IPSC matches

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    The first Saturday of each month the match is in Eugene.

    The second Saturday of each month it's in Albany.

    The third Sunday of each month is at Tri-County in Sherwood.

    The Forth Saturday of each month is at Dundee.

    These repeat each month with new stages at each location. Lots of fun. You do not need to be a member of the clubs to shoot the matches.
  2. But you do need to take the safety course before you can compete. At Albany it is usually the Sat. before the match (first Sat.) Check www.arpc.info for more information.

  3. By the way; Tri-County lost their affiliation with USPSA. So their match is an "action pistol" match, not officially a USPSA match.

    Got it from an email from the USPSA dicipline director at Tri-C. Here's a copy/paste of the important parts:

    "It is with great sadness I am writing this message to you all. A program that I have supported for 13 years is now gone. The Board at Tri-County is now going to require the Match Directors to disqualify shooters who violate the muzzle over the berm rule. This recent change to the enforcement is new, and was voted on and approved this week without any input or consulting with the various discipline directors.

    This move by Tri-County is resulting in the suspension of the USPSA affiliation. With this recent change, Tri-County has violated their agreement with USPSA by enforcing local rules at a USPSA match.

    As of Monday the 18th, I will also be resigning as a discipline director at Tri-County, and any matches moving forward will not be USPSA activities. Thank you to all those that have helped this club produce great matches for a lot of years. It is very much appreciated and I ask you to please continue to put your energies into one of the other Section clubs. "
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    It is hard to tell by how it reads.

    It looks to me like Tri-County dumped USPSA, not the other way around. Sounds like match competitors were violating some safety rules - no?
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    That is the jist of it but more political than anything. The matches are still conducted using USPSA rules and scoring. Just no longer counts toward your USPSA rating.