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Opinions: T.A.S. Sight?

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I saw this on LWD this morning, Does anybody have any experience with this? It looks really nice, but anything that's marketed the right way does. For the price of $89.99 I'm more likely to buy it rather than the tru glo sights. My only question is looking at this they remove the front sight entirely, wouldnt this leave a hole where it used to be, unless they give you a plug or something.

Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated.
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I have this on my gen 4 17 and love it. It's a great combat sight. What I did was just leave the original front sight post in place. I'd say go for it if you want one for quick target acquisition. I used it in a local competition as well where the scenario had hostages and bad guys to shoot at and did great. Basically when your on target with these sights you just get a bright light indication that. You'll get that more once you install and play with them a bit. My only complaint with them is that I wish they had tritium to allow for night use. And I'm visually impaired so the tritium helps me see sights but the fiber optic in these produces a very bright light. Hope this helps.
are you using the reg tas or the tas j sight?
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I have the regular tas sight on my G30S, and like Jweeks, it has a really bright green dot if you're outside in the sun or shade. Not so much if you're inside your home or another building. And not at all at night. I would also like to have some tritium dots for night sights and it would be perfect. What you do is line up and focus on your target and with your peripheral vision line up the green dot with the target. The green dot will be out of focus, but it is very bright and easy to line up with your target. The green dot should cover the front sight to where it is not visible.

What I did to get around the night sight problem was to buy a rail mounted laser and light combo, but you have to be careful with that also, because you're telegraphing your position to the bad guy. Night sights would alleviate that problem, but it's not an option yet.
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