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    After several months carrying - in Arizona, where one can OC or CC without a permit - I've noticed that no one notices anything around them. Sometimes I think I could wear a full size gun OC and no one would even notice. So I'm now content to toss a t-shirt over an OWB most days as I find this conceals from most of the world. I only work harder at concealment in places where guns are frowned upon.
    As for the original post, folks carrying openly and responsibly are friends of those of us who conceal. The a**hats with AR's on their shoulders walking down the road and posting it to YouTube, not so much.


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    That's the beautiful thing about open carry in my book. We have open carry in Texas, but I still conceal carry, but with open carry if someone see's your gun or see's the imprint of your gun, you won't get into trouble unless you are carrying in a place that has restrictions. i still conceal carry, just to keep myself from being a target.
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    I agree but for me it's a risk/benefit issue. The risk of me being a target or the victim of a snatch outweighs any benefits of open carry, and I really don't like to advertise my status
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    I think that OCers give away an important advantage. My gun stays hidden so that I appear to be just another unarmed civilian. Vermont is the first Constitutional Carry state.
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    Not to be insulting to anyone who does OC, but personally I see open carry much as I see recreational drug use. I have no desire to participate, but I absolutely believe it should be legal.

    To clarify - I wouldn't open carry in people-oriented settings; town, etc. In the woods I do all the time.
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    Open carry requires alot of work! You need to watch everyone and have excellent weapon retention skills! I opened carried a free state...and never had an issue,but I certainly couldn't fully relax or enjoy myself! I constantly have to watch who is around me! I also had one incident when some issue broke out and people wanted me to intervene! Some thought I was a cop others just wanted me to stop what was going on. It was a fight with 2 guys and none of my business! I walked away....not my problem and certainly not a reason to get a gun involved!
    I personally don't mind OC and think that it's nice when people can choose to OC or CC.
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    With all the idiots doing crazy stuff I personally would not OC. I don't trust strangers with guns. CC keeps any perps guessing. I don't go anywhere after dark and I go armed when going to town. jmho
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    Craziest thing I have heard. A place where you can kill someone over personal property you can't open carry? Lol
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    You never leave the house after dark?? LOL.. Stand corrected from above post. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard
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    It is legal to Open Carry here in Oklahoma but I have only seen maybe 6 people over the past few years actually open carry in public. Most of us here are of the same mind, Why advertise and give away your advantage.
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    That was an old post from neem19, Texas has open carry now, although I still conceal carry
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    Texas has OC now.
  13. Dark Knight

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    I have a ccw in Washington as well and have OC there a few times and no one really seemed to notice
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    Let's look at it this way: this is 2019, not 1919 or further back. From a cultural/social viewpoint, there was a time when open carry was not an issue. Back then, everyone had guns for survival in rural America for meat on the table as well has protecting the homestead from wild animals and wild humans (criminal element) There was no social media, not TV, no radio, no suburbs, no welfare, etc to distort and lie about guns and gun owners, because it was a common practice 100 + years ago. Today, with urban spraw, crowded suburbs, crowded metro cities, the democrat/communist media lie, distort and brainwash the public about guns and gun owners via the evening news since TV came into existence. So, we have a substantial amount of suburbia Americans that are clueless about guns, hunting, camping, fishing, and overall ignorant about the outdoor life. My greatest fear of open carry is some liberal/democrat goon calls the the police on me just because I am walking down the street peaceably and legally carrying my cool Glock 27 in my holster not hurting or threatening anyone. Even overzealous LE could stop you; just depends on where you live, NY City or small farming town in Kansas. The cultural/social attitudes toward guns in general are quite different between those two locales. So, the bottom line is, I'm not going to bash someone open carrying, so, rock on, bro/sis. But let me say, I'm just asking you to think carefully about the social/cultural attitudes that the general public could have about guns in general that has been distorted by the communist democrat media since the days of the first TV and where you live, overzealous police, ignorant general public and the communist democrat media when you walk out the door open carry packing your heat, because you are a target for the local communist democrat media and they are watching you. Not to mention the communist democrat media capitalizing on all the mass shootings. And the money hungry lawyers too that are ready to hang you if you pull the trigger to defend yourself from a drug lord breaking into you house. On the other hand, open carry could bring back a better understanding of the 2ndA, the established natural law of the right to defend yourself from the criminal element by creating positive dialogue between you and the general public.
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  15. Ten Man

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    Open carry is a sure way to peacefully express your RIGHT to bear arms. Just use some sense, and good manners when doing so.

    Personally, the only time I "Open Carry" is when I am in non-urban areas. The sheeple have gotten so brainwashed on the Left Coast, that practicing OC runs the risk of either being hassled, or drawing unwanted attention, even though it may be legal. I prefer to keep a low profile when moving amongst the sheeple. Concealed Carry is much less likely to cause a disturbance in an urban setting of the heavily libtard areas of the country.
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    Not sure why you would assume an openly carried gun was unloaded.?? Perplexing
  17. mattm

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    Think I'm in agreement with all of the above. That being said, I'm not a fan of CC around the belt area, just find it uncomfortable. I will carry my G19 or similar sized in a belly band, but generate sweat. My G43 became my favorite in public carry gun, as I can owb carry, but my shirt conceals it. Never a comment, never a second glance....that's my idea of Glock perfection lol.