Open carry?

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    Technically, PA is an open carry "not prohibited" state. From what I remember, there is no language in the law that "allows" for open carry nor prohibits it (except for states of emergency).

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    Very poor analogy :(

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    Oh. Alrighty then. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't know that. I'm originally from Youngstown Ohio, and a Pennsylvania implant. Lol. I just knew that you were allowed to open carry.
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    Nice weather we're having.
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    Yep time to go cut the grass again!:p
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  6. That's clearly your opinion. Personally, in my opinion, it made perfect sense, and I agree with 23...
  7. G-23's cash analogy makes a lot of sence to me IMO. Perhaps notorious you may like this one better...

    If you were in a big high stakes poker tournament would you flash your cards around for all to see? If you did win big would you make a big commotion, whooping it up on your way up to cash in your chips or would you go collect your winnings discreetly?

    Advertising that you have a gun on you (especially an unloaded gun) makes as much sence as letting your opponents see your poker hand or bragging about your winnings on your way to the casino parking lot to me.

    As a matter of fact carrying a gun in anything but Condition 1 or 2 (depending on action type) makes no sence to me.
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    We can agree to disagree. I live in Arizona which allows open or concealed carry and I sometimes do both. Depends on what firearm I choose to carry that day and what my agenda is. If you feel open carry is not appropriate for you then avoid it. personally I feel open carry is a crime deterrent!

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    In Atlanta you can open carry as long as you have a weapons permit. My thing is why let the world know you carry?
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    I get where you are coming from but there is something to be said about deterring crime too. Let me try a poker analogy: You sit down at the No limit Hold 'em table. On you first hand, you're dealt pocket A's. You're so excited that you accidentally expose your hand and everyone at the table sees your cards. It's your turn now and you place a standard bet three times the size of the big blind. Everyone folds.
    The $10 million study, that Obama commissioned in Jan of this year by the CDC, found that guns are simply a deterrent to crime. Now, whether that is guns period or openly carried guns is another question but I like the word deterrent. I just think if a bad guy goes to a gas station to rob it and while he is, casing the joint," he sees that people are openly carrying guns then he is going to move along to a softer target. Also, most people can draw faster from open carry than conceal carry. I have no problem with open carry as long as you do your due diligence and keep your eyes peeled and your head on a swivel.
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    To add to MeanAction's point, prior to the most recent study, there have been studies done in the past (referenced in my earlier posts) that have shown OC is a deterrent.

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    I have open carried; last time was for "Rally Day" at the VA gen Assembly Building in Richmond in support of Second Amendment rights. You can legally open carry in VA unless posted otherwise on private property: banks, theaters, etc. Open or concealed carry is allowed in the GA Office bldg, but a CHP is required regardless.

    I prefer concealed personally. Just as soon it be on a 'need to know' basis.
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    I wish you could open carry in Florida but i think the state doesn't want to scare off our states number one source of income which is tourism...being all the liberal asses that come to Florida when they can't play golf when its to cold up north, and just foreigners in general..i swear you can't go to Disney world without seeing 400 Chinese people anymore
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    To me, the only advantage of having open carry is, if while cc'ing your gun becomes uncovered you are not breaking the law.
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    I am not sure about the ins and outts about the whole open carry movement, but here are my thoughts; I think the most important thing is training not just with a firearm, but the legal aspect of just carrying a firearm. Also not just to train on how to shoot, but to also to retain the firearm. Someone will sooner or later want to try to grab it from you to use it against you. Some people dont understand the tremendous responcibility that comes with firearms. Two, as for the open carry, I think it would be a loud warning signal to any wouldbe criminal, "dont try something". Third; great way to deploy your weapon system when needed without the fumbling and tripping over t-shirts or jacket.
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    I swear, you can't go to the Great Wall without seeing thousands of White people there. But what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I kid... I kid. Having lived and worked in China for several years, I can understand your frustration.

    Be happy they're bringing money to your local economy. It wasn't but 4 years ago that FLA was hurting for tourism dollars due to the economic downturn.

    Back on topic:

    I thought, way back in the day (early 80's), that open carry was legal in FLA.

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    Because the law says I can and it's what I want to do.
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    And it's way more comfortable to OC than it is to jam a gun down your pants, no matter what IWB holster you're using.

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    It has been said that humans are born with only two fears - fear of falling, and fear of the unknown. All other fears are learned.

    If I open carry, it removes the "unknown" from the equation if someone is up to mischief. By carrying concealed, I retain the element of Surprise, which is one of the nine principles of war...