Open carry?

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    What is your opinion on the open carry movement? I personally believe the displaying of an unloaded gun is a disaster in the making.....but again, I have my CCW so it's not needed.
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    There is a small town liquor store here in Nebraska, where the owner open carries a giant SW. I don't think I would even complain about his prices, let alone try and rob him.

    That being said, I KNOW he is armed, and if the intent was to do him/his property harm, I would know what was needed to accomplish that act.

    I think concealment is the way to go in any case.

  3. SNG

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    Seriously? they wander around with an unloaded firearm inpublic and they think that is some how a good idea?
    Just because you have the right, doesn't mean you should.
  4. wsar10

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    unloaded ??????
    you might aswell just tape a paper weight to your hip !:rolleyes:

    why unloaded ?

    I open carry sometimes, depends on the crowd or application.
    I mostly CC.

    Here in PA you can open carry at 18 even without a CCW, that being said there are not that many 18yo's around here that are mature enough to carry at all !:eek:
  5. neem19

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    In Texas we can't open carry but I wouldn't if I could. Why give away your edge. It might be the only thing that saves you in a pinch. The sight of a gun is only going to scared away the honest criminals. IMO.
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    If I wanted to make a political statement, I would prefer to wear an empty holster instead of open carrying an unloaded firearm.
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    I'm indifferent on open carry, I can see both sides. But, open carrying an unloaded gun is pointless and asking somebody to take it from you. It's also the same as having sex with your cloths on.
  9. GAdmin

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    I think it presents issues with the uninitiated and can lead to fear responses accordingly.

    I think CC is fantastic, and I defend the right of both, but as husband and father I wouldn't feel comfortable if I wasn't carrying as well.

    But then you don't carry to prevent legal application of violence, only illegal, and they are going to what they want anyways.

    So in summation, it's complicated.
  10. ArizonaLawman

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    I totally agree that you should (and according to The Constitution...DO) have the right to open carry...I am anti-open carry for other reasons.

    Number carry is NOT a deterrent to a professional criminal. It just marks YOU as the one to get shot first.

    Pretend for a moment, you're in your bank. Two scumbags come in to relieve the banking institution of cash.

    Before they announce their presence or intent, they see you carrying your (insert tacticool pistol here). They shoot you, then say "Nobody move, this here is one of them there robberies!"

    You have just been made an example of what not to do.

    Personally...I prefer NOT to let anyone know I am packing. If ALL they want is the money...let 'em have it. Our deposits are insured. It's worth a few minutes of me "chillin' on the floor" NOT to have to kill someone and do ALL the related paperwork. It's a pain in the butt.

    IF things go south and I reasonably believe they previously mentioned scumbags are going to start offing people...I am still alive, and still armed...and if I get my chance, then I can take THEM out. Surprise surprise...BOOM BOOM the scumbag died of surprise and lethal doses of lead poisoning.

    I HATE the word "tactical". Everybody in the gun culture seems to use it now for everything from underwear to water bottles. this case, it seems to be appropriate. Sound tactical thinking and judgement dictates that it is a whole lot easier to surprise a feller if he don't know he's about to be surprised.

    Another way to think this situation through....The scumbags see you and your gun, and shoot AT you and miss. You crap your pants...and you WILL if you've never been to see the elephant as my Pap used to say (and that's okay). But...Granny Jones takes a bullet from the scumbag's AK/Kel Tec/Glock/Tec-9/Whatever Stolen Firearm He Has. You start spraying rounds all over the place and now YOU in your state of "Oh Crapness" take out Grampa Jones who was standing near the scumbag you were trying to hit.

    Personally as a cop, and now as a civilian I am not bothered by someone carrying open. Number one...I am from Arizona. Open carry has always been kosher here, so it's not a culture shock to see someone packing heat. Add to that...YOU, not I are now someone else's SHOOT FIRST that works better for ME. I know that shounds borderline crappy...but life is like that sometimes. On any planet I live on, I am going to prefer a stranger get shot instead of me...that's just SURVIVAL 101.

    About the ONLY time I open carry is, obviously in uniform when I am doing my two or three shifts a month with the department to keep my POST cert, or when I am out in the desert riding my horse. Even when I am camping, my belt gun is "semi-concealed".

    So yeah...I believe you should have the RIGHT to do it...but I also believe you should have the SMART not to do it.
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    This is by far the smartest thing I've ever read on open carry.
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    NM is an open carry state. From time to time I see someone sporting a shiny new Kimber or some other form of unlimited 1911 clone. It's never surprising but I'm not "firearms sensitive".
    I open carry here at the house but never in town. Mainly for the convenience of it all. Trespassers, usually hunters but sometimes unfriendly's seem to have another level of respect when the odds are plainly stated out in the open. Typically the reason in NM to open carry is the assumption that there are dangerous wild critters about. However its not for the critters that the NMicans open carry, it's for the criminals.
  13. GAdmin

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    I'm not worried about what I think, I was raised around firearms (Live in Texas, Pop was LEO) I'm worried about what the uneducated masses think.
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    Here in Ga. we can OC or CC. I very seldom OC except sometimes if I have to stop for gas in bad part of town, then I let it show. Would never carry unloaded. If you want to make a political statement, leave Ca.

  15. WELL PUT but i think you should have the right to do so if you want but like you why would you want to loose your edge.
  16. GAdmin

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    I've never OC, it's not legal here, but he's right, if someone is going to rob you it makes sense to take you the guy with the gun first.
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    I would be afraid of someone taking it from behind while I was waiting in a line at the checkout counter, or sitting down in a restaurant. Concealed makes more sense to me. Even those who don't carry are protected with concealed carry because a criminal is rolling the dice when they decide to rob, rape, kill etc.
  19. RockyClymer

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    Here in CO I CC almost all of the time...not trying to impress anyone and do not want to scare all the little old ladies either. Why create some bad feelings with the general public when all I want to do is protect myself and family. I agree with the poster that let them have the money, stay away from potential problems where you might have to use a weapon...if your life or those of others is in imminent danger, well, then I am prepared and trained.
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    I'm with AZlawman... I don't want to throw myself into a situation if I don't need to. However, I do feel that if you have the privilege to carry, (i.e. a permit holder), you should be able to open carry if you so choose.