Washington Open Carry on private property.

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by PeglegJones, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. PeglegJones

    PeglegJones New Member

    In Washington doees anyone know if there are any restrictions on openly carrying on your own property.

    Have been able to find anything myself but thought I would check.

  2. Silver-Bolt

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    Are you within city limits?

  3. Dark Knight

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    Should be no issue you can still open carry in most parts of the state with a few restrictions. You can also go to any police department and fill out a form and pay I believe it is no 25.00 and get a resident CCW permit. You will need to show proof of 90 days of residency or if your not a resident you can do the same process and get a non resident CCW.
  4. First - it is a CPL or concelled pistol lincense.
    Second - The fee is 65 dollars
    Thrid - You can open carry anywhere you can legally carry a firearm.