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  1. NvRBanArms

    NvRBanArms Member

    If u had a choice of Only two guns to own. What would you own? Only handguns, shotguns, and rifles (semi/bolt). And what two calibers?
  2. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    My G26 (9mm) and Lucy, my favorite AR15 (5.56/.223Rem).

  3. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    A G17 and an AR-10 with an gas piston action and a 18" barrel. Trijicon ACOG 3.5 site.
  4. NvRBanArms

    NvRBanArms Member

    I love it when ppl name their guns. I once had a mossberg tactical I named black Betty.
  5. I would want my Ruger SR1911 and probably **** I don't know my second one!!!
  6. NvRBanArms

    NvRBanArms Member

    I'm stuck too. Never had any rifles, so I can't judge, but handguns n shotguns. It would be a mossberg 590 a1 and a glock 27
  7. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Haven't named any of my pistols, but:

    Lucy is a PWA 20" light barrel AR15, with which I am accurate (with no wind) out to 1,000 yards.
    Helga is my Saiga-12 AK-shotgun.
    Heather is the two-tone (ODgreen+black) M4 that I built for my youngest daughter.
  8. post-apocalyptic

    post-apocalyptic magnificent bastard

    I'd choose my G-20SF and Svetlana; my favorite SGL-21 Saiga 7.62x39 carbine. :cool:
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  9. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    One of my G30's and one of my M1A (Probably my NM which shoots 3/4 inch at 100 yds!
  10. Tape

    Tape New Member

    My Baer .45 or my Glock 21sf and my Colt A3 5.56, old picture of my Colt, it has a red dot and a few other mods

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  11. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    I'd take my guns and shoot the person enforcing this rule then carry more :D

    That aside probably a g21 and a nice AR. Probably gas impingement as I hear they are better for long range.
  12. jmiles50

    jmiles50 New Member

    G17, and Ar-15(5.56)
  13. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    My G26 and a compact mobile rifle like the Ruger 10/22 Takedown.
  14. Flairsr

    Flairsr New Member

    With only two? I'd have to say FN five seven & PS90.... Handgun & personal defense rifle & use same caliber ammo. Otherwise my G21 and my AK....
  15. G34 and AR/M4. I really wanted to say a M60 SAW, as it is a shoulder fired weapon. But since I don't own one..... I'll stick with the 5.56 haha.
  16. jonm61

    jonm61 New Member

    Of my current collection, I would take my Sig P229 in .40/.357 Sig, and my DPMS LR308B.
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  17. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    First gun always is my Remington 341 Sportmaster .22LR, Bolt Action, 24" Barrel, Manufacture Date 1933. Rigged with a two point nylon military sling & Q.D. swivels. Open Sights. I've had it for 50 years, and have no problem using it either right or left handed. And from a rest, left handed, it will put out an accurate rate of fire about twice what the Warren Commission says can be done with a bolt action rifle. It carries easy slung, and a thousand rounds in a SAW pouch is packable. It's what I'm best with.

    I do like my Glock 21, but I'd have to go with my S&W 500 Magnum. Only because it will certainly put down anything out there, and with all the oddball genetic science we have now, finding a T-Rex on your front lawn is not totally beyond the ream of possibility. The 500 can dispatch it, and I can go back to my coffee & reading my newspaper.
  18. SHOOTER13

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  19. Eye_Peeled

    Eye_Peeled 8th Gen. Fla Cracker (not creepy though)

    I could never choose and hope I don't have to. Yes I am the first one to ruin it and not be able to choose.

    I have so many guns that serve different purposes. I also have guns that were my fathers and could never part with them. Some of which are collectors. For instance, I have two very desirable Winchester Model 43 .22 hornet bolt action rifles. One of which, my dad bought before I was born and the other he found while in Tennessee once and bought it just because of what it was and that it matched our other one.

    Too hard to choose here but I guess it would definitely be a hand gun and a shotgun since the shotgun is so versatile; you can defend yourself with it, hunt big game with it and bird hunt with it.