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First shot by me was a hot 45 HP into a cantaloupe. Impression made. after we ran out of ammo their curiosity was satisfied. Rules were laid out right there in front of all the kids. We never really had any problems after that.
Ditto, sounds a lot like what I did with my stepkids when my wife and I got married. Took them shooting, only had a 22lr at the time but it still did enough damage to some pieces of 2x4 that they got a clue that guns were NOT toys and not to be played with.
Taught my 3 grandsons that live here in Tennessee about guns too but since my younger grandson (he's only 2) didn't grow up around me he didn't get the lesson until he was here with his sister a couple weeks back on a visit from AZ.
I told the story but I'll tell it again. I'm in the habit of keeping my G30 on the end table next to me while I'm watching TV for those "just in case" moments. Well, I'm watching TV and he spots the gun and comes over to grab it. He got a stern talking too about not touching guns and if he finds one tell an adult. Then to drive the point home we went out back the next day and I shot a gallon jug full of water with an XTP hollow point. Jug jumped, water flew, ripped a nice hole in the jug, I think he got the message that guns are not toys and that you never point one at anything you're not willing to destroy.
It's funny how some folks try to hide their guns from the kids to "keep them safe" but all they're really doing is adding more mystery to them which makes the kids want to find them and play with them all that much more.
If you let them see the gun, show them what it will do and even unload it and let them hold it then they're curiosity is satisfied, they learn that they're not a toy to be played with and that they can do damage and that pretty much settles it for them from that point on.
Rather then trying to "kid proof" your gun it's better if you "Gun Proof" your kids.
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