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If your preference is to (eventually) carry with a live round in the tube, incorporate snap caps in your carry for a little while. Put a snap cap in the pipe, and a full magazine of your personal defense ammo. It gives you the chance to see if you can get comfortable carrying a live round in the chamber without any risk of a negligent discharge. If you hear a click, you just got an imaginary hole in your leg.

Just remember, you still need to rack the slide shoud you need to draw while carrying this way, but it will help build confidence with the firearm's condition.

This is how I transitioned to carrying a Glock from a previous gun that had a manual safety - had the same reservations as you do. After carrying a snap cap chambered for a couple of days, I switched to a personal defense round in the pipe with confidence.

If you find yourself carrying a snap cap in the chamber for more than a few days, may want to switch back to an empty chamber. But I think you'll find condition 1 to your liking.
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