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A good quality holster that covers the trigger. Plus a quick access vault when you get home. Educate the kids on firearms and safety.
I agree with both. I also wouldn't be afraid to spend a little more money on quality. You thought enough to buy a couple of nice guns. They deserve a nice home That will last them for years. Nothing worse than seeing someone carrying a gun in an old tube sock tied off to their twine belt. A little KY humor.
Kids are naturally curious. If you can hide it, they can find it. I would hazard to say that many gun tragedies involving children happen when they have no training or exposure to firearms and find their parents gun. It's an exciting new thing. Training takes a lot (not all) of that curiosity out. I have been working with my Daughter since she was 4.5. She's 9 now so I will sign her up for the 4H league in January. Even at that my gun is always under my immediate control or in a mini-vault or safe.
I always carry one in the chamber. I can't predict the circumstances under which I may need it. One less thing to do may be the difference between going home and going to meet your maker. Most accidents with adults happen because they broke 2 cardinal rules. They had their finger on the trigger and the gun was pointed in an unsafe direction.
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