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    I was at a local practical shooting competition tonight called Practical Pistol 101. It is loosely based in IDPA, but has easier courses of fire. The idea is get newer shooters involved in competitive shooting. I was shooting an 18 round stage with 8 targets, two rounds per target, shot from 4 positions.

    On target 6 (approx 20 feet), I fired one round and the slide locked open, I dropped the mag, inserted a fresh mag, racked the slide and fired a second round. Then moved to 15 feet down the wall to the next location to engage the final two targets. After I finished the Course of fire the SO brought me back to show me target 6. My second shot on target 6...same hole as the first. Two shots, same hole, with a mag change in between. Before anyone asks...I have 12 witnesses and the attached picture.

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    Well, the upside of course is, Congratulations, great shooting. Which it is.

    Downside? They'll expect it again. and again.....:):):)

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    I know...now I'm going to be disappointed everytime I DON'T do it :)
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    Sweet! Nice shooting!
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    That's some nice shooting.
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    I'm going to need some statements... JK, Congradulations!!! That is cool. I have a unbelieveable story about throwing knives but my roommates were gone so that is where it remains a good story, but I know it happened...

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    Niiice! That's like eagle-ing a par 3. Enjoy while the feeling lasts. Haha

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    Don't we all?

    Congrats on the great shooting CBS!!!
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    Great shoots brew! Love them 2 in one shoots. Never had one with a mag change though. That is EPIC! Heck ya