Official meet etiquette .

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    I have looked and not seen any rules in print concerning Group Meet Etiquette and thought id throw my .02 in there .

    First and foremost we are representing Glock Forums as a group . So proper behavior would be appreciated .

    Rules of the Range are to be followed 100% . The be all / end all is their rules .

    Language : There will be children there and I , as a parent , would appreciate it if we kept the foul language to a minimum .

    We want this to be something the range looks forward to doing and invites us back for .

    I will be picking up those silly my name is stickers for 2 reasons. SO we can put a name and face to screen names and for identification purposes for the range to allow us to shoot at the reserved lanes.

    I look forward to putting on a few of these in different areas and encourage you guys to do so in your areas as well..
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    Nothing about rapid fire or double tapping... Sweet!