Official glock owner!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by jeremyx28, May 2, 2012.

  1. jeremyx28

    jeremyx28 New Member

    So I am now an official Glock owner! Check out my new piece, its a gen 3 Glock 17. Now....what should I do first lol...night sights?


  2. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    Umm, shoot it?

    Congrats on that great handgun!

  3. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    Ummm.... Shoot it?

    Nice gun by the way.
  4. jeremyx28

    jeremyx28 New Member

    I can't wait to shoot it lol. I recently had elbow surgery and am about a month or more away from being able to. I figured I would take this down time to pick up a few things.
  5. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    Having a month down time, this is a great opportunity to get some polishing done by one of our great vendors here.
  6. jeremyx28

    jeremyx28 New Member

    Im going to grab a Hogue slip on grip. because of my elbow problems I need that extra "girth" so I don't have to close as tight of a fist. Would you say Hogue would be the thickest?
  7. ChromeDome

    ChromeDome New Member

    Since you can't shoot it right away, maybe take some time and get your CCW.(If you haven't already) Of course, finding a holster you like can take a while. So, doing alot of research on them would be a good idea.
  8. jeremyx28

    jeremyx28 New Member

    I have my ccw, easy to get in pa, no class just a form to fill out. I didn't plan on carrying my Glock due to the size of it. I have a smaller compact 9mm that I use to cc. However I think I caught the glock bug, going to save up a few bucks and trade my other pistol in for a "baby" Glock.
  9. chilly613

    chilly613 New Member

    Welcome! If you can't shoot it yet, at least dry fire the hell out of it. And night sights are a start. I plan on picking up Heinie Straight 8s soon.
  10. TheKraken

    TheKraken 2021, Hold my beer Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    Shoot that bad boy!!!!
  11. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member

    I would go with the LIMBSAVER it absorbed recoil and it's a little thicker than the HOGUE.
  12. Gun_Aficionado

    Gun_Aficionado King of my Castle until my wife comes home Lifetime Supporting Member

    Congrats on the buy! That is a great gun I CC my G17G4 all the time in white hat holster when need to be tucked in ( office, church, weddings, formal gatherings) and in remora series 10 when untucked all other times... Very comfy on both and no problem with weight or concealment.
  13. Levelcross

    Levelcross New Member

    Run the gun before making any changes to it, to make sure it works flawlessly like a Glock will. Then you will know what you feel needs changing.
  14. Ranger45

    Ranger45 Senior Member

    Congrats! As several have already said...shoot it! (and enjoy!)
  15. RRoss

    RRoss If it goes boom or bang, I want to play with it! Lifetime Supporting Member

    I live in Pa as well and chose the G26 Gen4 as my first gun, and before my background check even cleared I had a list of "customizations" I wanted to do. Most were aesthetic the others were practical. First I wanted a high polished barrel to create that contrast with the black of the slide. Then there's always the lettering...has to be white...(use acrylic nail polish NOT crayon) I also polished the slide stop, pins, and did a $ .25 trigger job. the last one DOES make a difference.
    Hey if you have a month to kill, why not make it something to admire as well as something that will be easy to shoot. What ever you decide to do, enjoy it!

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  16. GBob

    GBob New Member

    Nicely done RRoss. I highly recommend that you go to youtubes and find a vid that would show you a complete detail strip of your 17. Don't be apprehensive about this, just do it. You'll be amazed at how easy it is.
  17. jeremyx28

    jeremyx28 New Member

    Putting nailpolish on my gun scares me. I love the look of the white lettering though. I watched a youtube video about it but it didn't really give the best step by step. I tried doing it with a white crayon but wasn't happy with how it came out. Maybe ill try the nail polish route, just need to find a better how-to.
  18. Colorado_Outdoorsman

    Colorado_Outdoorsman New Member

    Ummm why not shoot off hand? I spent a year with my right arm in casts after a very serious elbow fracture. I am now completely ambidextrous and when we run weak hand drills, at work, I almost feel as if I am cheating :)

    There maybe times in the future where your strong arm might be incapacitated and now is a good time to learn a new skill set.
  19. jeremyx28

    jeremyx28 New Member

    Im on workmans comp. The last thing that I need is my job to find out that im shooting guns after I just had extensive elbow surgery on their dime.