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    Those people got one heck for a demonstration

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    Wow what a Demo....That's some movie stuff right there.
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    Lol, he wanted to be a part of the demonstration too. I bet when the cameras went away those SWAT guys slipped him $20 ;)
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    The inmate got jacked up from the razor wire. I worked at that facility for several years. (good times!) I saw some crazy stuff. One guy tried to get over the fence and got STUCK in the razor wire. Another guy made it to the maintenance shed and got some hedge clippers and headed to the stun fence. He attempted to cut them and got LIT UP and the high tension wire whipped accross his chest and cut him pretty bad. To top it off he got pepper sprayed for his troubles when the officers arrived. I guess stupid is painful!
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  6. haha well, they got one heck of a show huh?
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    I heard about this lol. Ever watched a show called worlds dumbest criminals or somethen like that, had all kinds of dumb and funny stuff criminals did all caught on tape.
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    Bad Guys are dumb part II

    In my real job, one of the things I do is conduct internal investigations. We had a case where the state AG office was arresting a subject for embezzling $200k. The AG guys called the local police to ask for a marked car and uniformed officer to join them in the arrest. When the state guy told the local chief the date, the chief responded:" we have a SWAT training that morning. We can use this as a training exercise."

    When time came for the arrest, the local PD rolled up in the front and back yards with two black vans. Then, they executed (from what the AG's office said) a "textbook multiple-point entry". To top it off, the subject wasn't home....but her husband was...they dragged him out of the house and cuffed him. He was pretty mad about getting pulled out into the yard, but was even more upset about losing the dope he on him.

    The happy ending to the story: she got 10 years for theft, the hubby got 6 months for drug possession, and the SWAT team got good training.
  10. Sounds like a fantastic day! lol
  11. SO TRUE!!! lol
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    Sweeeet. I love it when a plan comes together.
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    That is unfortunately not surprising. They have to be pretty stupid to get in there in the first place, so seeing the dumb continue is typical.
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    True to Hannibal!
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    >>Official Bad Guys are Dumb Thread<<

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