OC/Pepper Spray recommendation

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    My wife is not anti-gun, but is just not comfortable with the idea of carrying one. Still working on that...

    But, I want her to have something that she can use to help defend herself if need be.

    Do any of you have any pepper spray recommendations? Something safe and effective, but easily and quickly deployed. I am looking at the Ruger Ultra, but have also considered the Kimber PepperBlaster.
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    OC affects folks in different ways. I've been sprayed point blank and still managed to attack the sprayer, take him to the ground, and remove his weapon. I sometimes feel this stuff provides a false sense of security and would rather use a Taser or a can of wasp spray, since it shoots accurately for about 15 feet.

  3. GunnerGSP

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    Perhaps, but wasp spray isn't exactly practical to carry around. Although, my wife does manage to get things in her purse that no other human could. ;)

    With regard to tasers, I guess they are now legal in MI with the same training required for a CPL. I may look into that, but I doubt she will go for it.

    Perhaps OC may not work in every scenario, but it would in some cases and may be better than nothing.
  4. FOX 5.3 and nothing else

    Fox is INSANE in power. I have given people chemical burns, multi day blindness, respitory failure, and more. Nobody has EVER continued to come at me. In one instance the guy pulled a gun and I wasn't carrying at that time (18) and I got him with the Fox he forgot he even had a gun.

    make sure you only buy flip top, you don't want this going off by accident. Fox is the Glock of pepper spray.

  5. GunnerGSP

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    Thanks...checking it out now.
  6. Some places will not sell it to civilians, most will. I know you can get it from the place in Grand Rapids.....for some reason I can't remember the name. It's on....crap. It is right next to 131 on I THINK front street. They are a police supply store. I just told them I was a bail bondsman (true, i am licensed) and they didn't ask any questions.

    Anyway if you can't get your hands on any let me know I'll send ya some.
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    Will do. Their website has quite the selection. Not sure what to pick. I need something relatively small.

    I won't be in the GR area for a while, but when I am, I usually hit 131 at some point.
  8. 4oz flip top will go perfvect in a purse or pocket. Make sure it is carried in a pocket that is not a zipper and preferably not the main compartment. you want to get to it fast, but when pepper spray goes bad it can leak, especially if it is left in the heat. never leave it in the heat.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper


    Fox is the best

    Check all local laws first!

    It's what I carry when on duty... Test it every 6 months... Stuff is KO spray!!!! Can of whoop [email protected]@!!!

    The only spray I ever carry other than that is Saber OC/CS tear gas mix... Not legal in all states, marked LEO only. Stuff made the officers I work with shudder in fear...

    Fox is by far the top of the line!!!!
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    I was looking at THIS earlier today:


    It has a small LED on the front, and you can get a water training canister to practice with, they have a few different colors, but I liked the pink one, doesn't look dangerous.
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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Kimber has a pepper blaster two, heard they are pretty good... Never tried one though...
  12. Danzig

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    Flip top is the way to go. Check out local police supply. As long as she keeps her purse with her all the time should be fine with normal heat. Just don't leave in the car. Any cop that's worked awhile knows someone that had a can blow in their car(at least here in Texas) not good. I was a taser instructor and would recommend pepper over taser for civilians.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Definitely!!! Though I am looking into dealing for taser, they are located here in AZ...

    I recommend OC over taser for the civies....

    Hoping to supply for some security companies, besides tasers have to be registered...
  14. Danzig

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    Do the taser C2 (civilian taser) need to be registered? I know they sell them at CABELA'S near us.
    Taser is excellent for security. Like LEO you usually will be able to dictate conditions of deployment( distance, direction and assessment of encounter). At touching distance taser becomes a pain compliance tool and needs more finesse:)
    OC is way simpler for the average person.
  15. Blades

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    I looked at the Kimber/Guardian Angel and it would be easier to carry being flat, and a few companies make holsters for it.
    My wife has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, so something with a bigger grip would be easier for her to dispense quickly. Either one would be kept in the car, she can't carry it into her work place.

    I also looked at the Tornado Pepper Spray that had a strobe, 105 decibel alarm, and pepper spray "all-in-one". When you remove the device from the case/sheath the alarm and strobe are activated.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Here in AZ, all tasers must be registered. That is the law. Also the Company registers all the products they sell…

    OC is easier, however in some states must be registered or have a license for, not in AZ.

    Every taser cartage has confetti with the serial number written on it so they can trace who used it...
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    Looks like a pink flare gun! :D
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    Well, I am not really looking at the taser anyway. The price and function are not really suitable for my purpose.

    I think I will give Fox a call. Their e-commerce store is nonexistent. So I will likely call them on Tuesday (Monday being Memorial Day).
  19. Yea i have never ordered online but i have called them
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    Hey Nuk, I just studied the Fox website a bit more and noticed they are based in Clinton Twp, MI!

    My work takes me through that area from time to time. This makes me want to order from them even more.

    I am all for supporting a Michigan based business.