NY1 Trigger Spring without Coil Spring Insert.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by TNFrank, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Did a bit of reading about this and it seems that a few folks are running the new NY1 Green Trigger Spring minus the coil spring insert to get a slightly softer trigger pull.
    Just took the coil spring out of my NY1 to test it out and for sure, the pull feels more like the stock pull but has a more positive reset. This is in combination with the LWD 3.5lb Connector. Anyone else running the new NY1 Trigger Spring without the coil spring? Would it be better to just clip off a coil or two and reinstall the coil spring in order to get a softer pull but still have the coil spring to help the Green Plastic "spring" of the NY1 Trigger Spring? Thanks in advance.
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    Interesting. I run the stock connector with the NY1.
    I'll have to pop out the spring and give that a try.


  3. I just thought I'd try another "Test" so I cut one coil off of the NY1 coil spring and reinstalled it. Lighter then with the stock NY1, a bit heavier then without the coil spring altogether and a bit more positive reset. I feel better knowing that there's a spring in there, not that I don't trust just the plastic part but I guess I just don't totally trust the plastic part,LOL.
    I've read that some guys even cut two coils off but I wanted to play it a bit safe and only go one for now.
    Oh, and did I mention that I love to tinker with my guns, that's one reason I love Glocks, lot of parts to play with and lots of little mods you can do.