NY full carry permit!

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    I live in a direct suburb of Buffalo, NY in Erie County and you absolutely can use LE as a reference for your pistol permits. However it does state something about your references cannot be employed by the Sheriffs Dept. So if you live in a municipality with it's own PD, they can be used as references if you know one. If you live in an area serviced only by the sherrifs department, I guess you cannot. Dont know why that is but thems the rules.
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    The LEO sign off depends on what county. Some allow any and all LEO ,some only allow PDs and no Sheriff's and some wont accept any. This is the problem with NY! Each county has their own process and it should be uniform for the whole state.
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    I'm thankful I have a lifetime permit. We have open carry if you want. Local Walmart lets people walk in and out without a discussion on open carry. I haven't done it since the announcement.
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    Jersey was like that with purchasers card. Live in the wrong county or city and you can forget about it. Perpetual background check. I saw a video of a guy confronting the guy in charge of purchaser ID and he told him it wasn’t going to happen.
    That’s just to buy a gun. Carry license is an impossibility.