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  1. For those who are interested, I currently have the ability to offer a life membership with the NRA for only $300.00. The usual price is $1000.00. If you are interested, please send me a message.

    By the way, I'm not a recruiter and I won't make any money off of the deal.
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    Thanks armedmissouri...I'm good !!

  3. Thats a steal, too bad the cash flow is tight.
  4. I hear ya. I got the same offer a year ago and could never have done it if my training organization hadn't paid for it.
  5. Here's why i let my membership lapse and probably will never be a member again. About twice a week I was getting bombarded with junk mail from the NRA soliciting more and more money, wanting me to buy junk and I just about couldn't take it anymore. I still get several emails on a daily basis. It's annoying as hell to say the least. I love what they do but the hard sell tactics are enough to make me stand on the sideline and hope.
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    Id jump at the chance but Id be going backwards from Endowment...but thats a very kind jesture though. Everyone NOT a member/life member should take total advantage!
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    Agreed. It was difficult renewing my yearly a couple weeks ago at that. :|
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    I renewed my membership at the end of November, went 2 year this time. They cashed the check and I'm still waiting for my new card!!

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    Have you received your membership card yet?

    I'm curious how long it takes because I signed-up for 2-year membership online early February. Snail mail can't take that long; I figure it's the NRA office's lag. They charged my credit card but have ignored my two emails to their membership address (membership at nrahq dot org).

    Is this service typical of the NRA? If so, I'm highly disappointed. I only joined because one long yardage range in my area requires NRA membership in order to become one of their club members.
  11. If you have a question for them, you need to call them instead of emailing them. They are extremely helpful on the phone.
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    I got it 2 weeks ago. You can call them and they will give you your member number.
  13. Offer expires on Friday, March 2nd. PM me if you want more info.