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These are NOT your main stream hybrid holsters. Clevelands Holsters is committed to supporting American manufacturing. They make each of their holsters right in Wisconsin using only 100% American manufactured materials!

Their American manufactured Kydex 100 is vacuum formed to each firearm for an exact fit. Their design protects the firearm’s entire barrel and it also rises above the belt line to assist in reholstering.

Their American manufactured steel belt clips are oxidized to a dull black finish and allow the wearer to tuck in their shirt. The clips can be worn over the belt or under the belt for deeper concealment. They also offer Kydex clips.

Their American tanned horsehide is rugged yet comfortable. The horsehide is dense and works as a sweat barrier to keep the firearm dry.

Their American manufactured screws are solid brass that have been oxidized to a dull black finish. These screws allow for the adjustable retention. Once the leather stretches the screws can be tightened again to regain retention.

Lifetime guarantee!!!

Clevelands Holster Video Description:

To order visit my website:

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