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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by rubikees, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. rubikees

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    I finally got a hold of the Glock smith at the gun show. He broke down my G17 Gen 4 and inspected the chamber, recoil spring, and the extractor and could not find anything mechanically that was causing the stove piping.:mad: He did suggest to replace the recoil spring, that it maybe out of specification. Anyway, that means a detail documentation to see if I can find a pattern to the randomness of the problem. It might be a tad bit of an issue to do when I am running the course with the clock ticking away.
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    Sorry to hear they didn't find any issues. Not sure if you posted about this before, getting old the brain is going lol, but I'm going to assume the standard "limp wrist" fix has been brought up. What ammo are you shooting, or is this issue happening with more than one type of ammo. Also can anyone else shoot it and get it to happen too?

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    Same questions I was thinking of. Does this happen with all of the mags? How often does this happen? Also what type of oil do you use, I saw one with a ton of grease packed in the slide, it really gooped up the slide rails.
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    I run the Glock clean, with a light coat of PTFE oil. The ammo is Winchester 9mm 115 grain FMJ rounds. The stove piping is not that frequent, about once every 100 to 200 rounds. The stove pipe has occured with each of the magazines and at different spots of the ammo stack. I will have to mark the mags better for verification. I have noticed some wear on the very ends of the rails on the frame but I don't think that is enough to create problem. I considering ordering a new recoil spring to see if I am on the upper end of the tolerance of the spring load. That plus a round loaded to the low end could be the issue.
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    Did you ever check if you have one of the recalled Gen 4 springs?
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    That is the first thing the smith checked on and he said that I don't have one of the recalled ones.
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    I have heard that some of the Gen 4 models do not like 115 grain ammo. Go a bit hotter and see if that changes the out come. Good luck!