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Not Too Old to Learn A New Trick

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From 50 miles southwest of Kanas City, Kansas...54 years old and have been shooting pistols since I was 6 (my father's 5 1/2" 1950's Ruger Single Six). My 26 year old gun store counter manager son has finally convinced me to buy a Glock, so I decided to go with a G40 10mm. Modifying with KKM Stainless 7" barrel and Lone Wolf Adjustable Trigger. Formerly a home construction business owner & high school teacher/coach, and currently a project manager for a general contractor in Olathe, KS. Our family motto regarding firearms: there is no such thing as too many!
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Welcome to the forum from Idaho. Gun toting teachers are awesome! We need more of you.
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Welcome to the Glock Forum
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G40 is a good gun…until one starts tinkering with it changing perfectly good working parts…
Welcome aboard from North Texas!
Welcome In from Ctrl Fla.
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