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  1. I have been thinking about trading my G23 Gen4 for a G27. I have found that most places that I go, I have to untuck my shirt or wear my sweatshirt in order to cover my 23. My thinking is trade for a 27 and put it in an ankle holster or in my pocket with a trigger guard "holster". What are your thoughts? If I do trade now, I will probably purchase a 22 or 23 this fall or next spring.
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    Self Defense must be practiced...meaning presentations from matter where you have it.

    Think about that for one minute...Ankle ? Pocket ?

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    If you're going to end up getting a 22 or 23 later anyway, keep the one you have and save up for the 27. If you simply can't wait and need to trade, so be it. You can conceal the 27 on your hip a little easier than you can the 23.

    I used to carry a 27 in a Crossbreed Supertuck and had no problem concealing it with a t-shirt. I could conceal my 23 in the same holster with just a t-shirt, though it had to be the right t-shirt.

    If you're not wearing a gun belt, you need to be. It makes a big difference in concealability.
  4. I'll second that. I have a G27 gen4 with a foXx hoster. It conceals just like the crossbreed mentioned here. IF you wear cargo shorts or something that has big pockets you might be able to carry it in the pocket. As for blue jeans it's going hard to pull that one off. I have never used a ankle holster so I cannot comment on that.
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    For what I can see ankle holster should be for a back up. Thats gonna be a ***** to get to in a fast "need it now" situation. What holster are you using now? Another thing to try is...I think its Mikep sells a "trigger thingy". Provides great deep concealment as well as a hell of a trigger guard.
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    I almost traded my 23 for a 27, and I am glad that I didn't. I echo jon's opinion about saving up for the 17 if you're going to get a 23 again anyways.
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    I recently sold to guns because I wanted other guns. I immediately missed them and wishes I hadn't sold them. My point here is if you will mis the 23. I agree with the other guys and save up. Try a different holster. Maybe a shoulder holster?
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    Or a concealment shirt?
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    Also, some pertinent info would be what kind of holster do you use and where do you where your gun on your body? A fellow member here helped me conceal my G23 when I couldn't previously due to the positioning on my body.
  10. I typically use an Uncle Mike's IWB at the 5 o'clock position. Other times is a Blackhawk Serpa at 3 o'clock.
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    I know the Blackhaek Serpa would make slightly difficult to conceal at 3 o clock. Pretty much any holster will make it difficult to conceal at 3 o clock. The Uncle Mike's ins't a bad holster, but it also isn't the ideal for concealed carry.

    I think anyone who owns a Crossbreed or White Hat Maxtuck will tell you that it is perfect for concealment. I wear my 23 in my MaxTuck at the 4:00 to 4:30 depending on the pants and clothing. The holes are set so that the Kydex lines up with the top of my pants. Kodiak, a member on the forum showed me this, and now I can conceal with only a t-shirt. Don't give up on the G23 just yet!
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    The uncle mike holster, is it a single clip? If so how high on the holster is it?
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    I agree I have a 23 and use a white hat max tuck.
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    Why buy a G27? You could have the grip trimmed on your G23, and buy some G27 magazines.
  15. I have to agree with jimmyalbrecht don't give up. Before I got my G27 I had a S&W .40 sigma. It's about the same size as a G23 and I hid it well for over 8 years. If I would have known about my foXx holster, a crossbreed, white hat, or one like that. I probably wouldn't have a my G27 to be honest. My point is I love my Glock but, now I've found the right holster I can carry a G23 or similar size and be comfortable and conceal like my G27.