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Noob to the forums.

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Hello to all fellow Glock and firearms enthusiasts.i signed up a while ago, but mainly just been looking through all of the forums. I'm liking what I see so far. I currently reside in NC but am originally from Rhode Island. I am also currently enlisted in the Marine Corps since 2004 and am about ready to hang it up. Have owned multiple handguns, but I have to say, so far, I find the Glocks to be the all around best handguns made. I realize there are some people out there who would argue otherwise, which is why I state "all around". I'm a firm believer in purpose built firearms and some firearms being better in certain areas, but for ease of use, maintaining and functionality, I think the Glock is the best. I currently own 3 different Glocks. The 22, 23, and 27. If you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of the .40 cal. I've rambled on long enough. Looking forward to chatting with y'all and debating topics.
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Thanks for the welcome y'all. Vanessa, we're all noobs at some point in our life. Not being a noob anymore gives us a goal. Rickjames, awesome name. What did you use to paint the writing on your Glock in the photo? Haven't really done much to modify mine yet, but am always up for a project.
Hey There, Welcome IRGrunt, Glad to have you aboard. You at Lejune?
Yes I am stationed there. Have been for my entire time in and I have to say, other than some other Marines, it's not a bad place when compared to home.
Welcome! Got a cousin stationed at Lejune! Tho he is deployed now and in Afghanistan. But anyways welcome and good to have ya!
thanks for your service, and welcome to the family.
Thanks for the welcome. You wouldn't happen to know which unit your cousin is with do ya? Just had a few of my buddies head over there again.
Yes I am stationed there. Have been for my entire time in and I have to say, other than some other Marines, it's not a bad place when compared to home.
I was there in the mid 70's. Courthouse Bay, Engineers, Mine Warfare & Demolitions. I liked it a lot. except for the noseeums. Hate sand fleas, & chiggers.

Anyway, glad your okay & stateside, enjoy the Forum.
I could ask but off the top of my head not sure..Jonathan Rodenbush is his name
Welcome to the forums from "the noob"
Welcome to the Glock Forum IRGrunt !!
Thanks for the welcome everyone. Man, getting more responses than I anticipated.... Surprisingly, Rodenbush does sound familiar. Courthouse Bay is a nice area. Kinda have their own area to themselves. Although they've built that up quite a bit. Thank you for your service Devil, left a legacy that's hard to live up to.
All I can remember is something he said about section 1 but not to sure if that helps...he is a Yankyee from Mass. so you cant miss the accent lol
Welcome IRgrunt, great bunch of folks here!! Enjoy yourself here!
Greetings, welcome and thank you for your service!
IRGrunt, welcome to the forum and thank you for your service. My brother-in-law is Stationed in Lejune as well. Jacksonville is a great town, lots to do and see. Take care, enjoy the forum, and Semper Fi!
Welcome to the forum IRGRUNT!! Thanks for your service! Enjoy!!
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