Non-Lethal Self Defense / Martial Arts

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  1. I'm suggestion a section called "Non-Lethal Self Defense / Martial Arts". Anyone carrying a concealed weapon should have some kind of self defense training, or at least some knowledge there of. Weapons defense is HUGE.

    Can you imagine that you train incredibly hard with your pistol, then one day when you need it most something goes wrong and the bad guy now has it? Or maybe he has a knife and you can't draw. Maybe, god forbid, someone has your wife/daughter/sister/boyfriend/etc etc with a knife to their throat. Maybe they came up behind and it's on your throat.

    These are all real possibilities, and I don't care who you are if a knife is to your throat or a gun pointed at you the last opportunity you will have is safely drawing a weapon. You can however flip the tables on the offender if you have some sort of training in a self defense system, or god willing, several.

    I don't know how many people we have here with experience in hand to hand combat, but I'm offering to help with this section 100%. I have several years in the following:

    Krav Maga - This is my biggest hands down. No "art" here simply eliminate the threat by any means necessary.

    Brazilian JJ

    Filipino Kali

    Muay Thai
  2. I completely agree. Especially BJJ for when you suddenly find yourself on the ground facing the potential bigger, stronger attacker.

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    This is an excellent post, otherwise it is:

    Gun, check

    Rape whistle, check.

    Wish I knew more than high school wrestling moves.
  4. Everyone has 2-4 hours a week to take a class ;)
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    Question... I've read a bit about Krav Maga, but would love to know how or where to get some instruction... It sounds similar to MMA, which seems to very popular now a days....
  6. Actually, Krav Maga is banned from MMA. Krav is designed to eliminate the target and is highly agressive, so sanctioned fights do not allow the use of moves specific to Krav Maga. Thats why i think the "ultimate" needs to be taken out of UFC.

    To find a local place you can try or call around.
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    Thanks Bro!! I've been interested in checking it out, since the training I've received is pretty basic and not overly effective...
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    Brown Red Taekwondo, and love doing Escrima/Kali. I recommend everyone should take some sort of self defense classes, look around, find something that fits your physical ability and don't over do it.
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    I'm in the UP of MI
  10. The UP is a great place to live, if you can find work. Paper mills aren't what they used to be. Not exactly a training Mecca either, so finding a gym may be tough.
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    Tell me about it....
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    "your tiger style is good but with my dragon style I will defeat you"

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Krav is a must have knowledge! Not only can I disarm an attacker but I can break his fingers or arm while doing so. Very aggressive. Look it up on YouTube.
  14. Look up West Michigan Krav Maga in Grand Rapids. I THINK it is but I'm mobile so not sure.

    Anyway call Tony at the Grand Rapids location. If there is anyone in the state who will know an instructor in the UP, it's Tony. Tell him Steve from Ace Bail Bonds told you to call.
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    Anyone in the northern Indiana area might also think about Kalsadapo karate. The founder is a 3rd gen Bruce Lee student that studied under Guro Dan Inosanto and holds classes most weeknights. for more info if you want.
  16. Since the people in Northern IN are paying attention, check out LaGrange Gracie Jiu Jitsu too. Not too many BJJ black-belts around. Especially in that area!
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    Karate and other marcial art has become weaker, softer and kind of a "Mac-dojos".
    Only kyokushin karate remains the strongest karate. O also recomend ashihara or daido juko, kyokushin variants. Very tough training and rude fighting
  18. If you think Krav Maga has become softer, weaker, or fallen in popularity you are backwards and uniformed. To be fair though you said karate and martial arts, and Krav Maga is neither of those things.

    No room for art in a self defense system.
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    I love this post and agree 100%. My question is how old would you recommend someone being before training in krav? I have three daughters all under 11 and I've already talked to my wife about getting them some training. They're the ones I worry about most, I can't be there all the time.