Non-LEO: How many of you carry with the + 1 option? What steps do you do?

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  1. CDR_Glock

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    I take my pistol out of the locker, rack the slide, place it into the holster, then I mount the holster in the belt. It takes about 7-10 seconds.

    On occasions, I will use the backup magazine and load one, remove the magazine, and then put the carry magazine into the pistol.

    Rarely do I rack the slide, add a round to the magazine, and then place the topped off magazine into the pistol.


    Do you always carry PLUS ONE?
  2. jfirecops

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    When I carried a 1911, I always carried +1 and when I first switched to Glock several years ago I still did but did not carry a spare mag. A couple of years ago I switched and no longer do the +1 but I do carry a spare in my pocket

  3. rivalarrival

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    I take the unloaded gun, insert the carry magazine, rack the slide, and holster the gun. (serpa sport model) I can reach around the front (bottom) of the holster and hit the magazine release with my middle finger; I eject the magazine, top off with a loose round, then insert it back into the holstered gun.

    If I have to unload for some reason, I eject and pocket the magazine, draw and rack the gun, and pocket the ejected round.

    I do it this way to minimize handling of a loaded gun.
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  4. I always carry "plus one." I insert a full magazine, then rack the slide, then remove the magazine and top it off, and then reinsert the magazine.
  5. I carry a G23 and Glock doesn't advise carrying the plus 1 for the 23. Due to the tight tolerances in the magazine, it is very difficult to rack the slide with a full mag. I carry just what fits in the mag and a spare mag as well. When I carry my Kahr, I carry the plus 1 and I have 2 spare magazines that both hold one more round than the one I keep in the gun.

    Usually, to add the plus 1, I will put the magazine in the gun, rack the slide, remove the magazine, set the gun down, add the extra round to the magazine, pick the gun up, and reinsert the magazine.
  6. Itsahak

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    I've always carried the +1. Learned it when I first started the job back in 1993. Old habits and all. I don't really think it's super necessary though...
  7. Kmurray96

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    I rack one in, holster, than "administratively" top off the magazine (remove mag, top off, re-insert mag, weapon remaining in holster).
  8. erick kivi

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    Man you guys are lucky I live in Illinois and can't carry :-(
  9. g19

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    I don't carry plus one but I do carry 2 different mags, 1 with hollow points and 1 with varmint rounds.
  10. You should move.:D

    I hope you are involved in the process.
  11. erick kivi

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    Oh I am very much so my mom lives in WI and I have my FL ccw but they don't accept it yet
  12. erick kivi

    erick kivi New Member

    Oh I am very much so my mom lives in WI and I have my FL ccw but they don't accept it yet up there
  13. 40caljim

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    In a single stack gun I can see maybe doing this, but both my glocks (a 23 and 35) are double stack mags, so plenty of rounds there. The other reason I don't do the +1 thing is the fact that the glock mag and mag catch are both plastic/polymer parts and the additional stress put on those parts with +1 does take a toll after awhile. If you check your mags you will see how the lip of the mag catch gets distorted from pressure. This eventually can cause a mag malfunction, either a dropped mag or failure to latch, which would be a more serious issue in a defensive situation than having 16 instead of 15 rounds. I train all of my officers and CCW students to hit
    something in the first 5 rounds, if not its clearly time to go to plan "B"
    whatever that might be.
  14. jonm61

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    I always carry plus one. I usually load it off an empty magazine then put a full magazine in behind it. But my carry gun stays loaded 24/7/365. The only time it's not loaded is when I'm cleaning it, when I'm transitioning between carry guns or when I'm at the range.

    More often than not, even if I'm transitioning between carry guns, the one going in the safe stays loaded. I never know when I might need to switch or need another gun that's ready to go.
  15. You can get a non-resident permit from Arizona and carry in WI.

    Sorry. I swear I'm not trying to hijack this thread.
  16. erick kivi

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    Really someone told me that they didn't say what states they were taking yet the only ones I can take here are Utah and Florida
  17. jfirecops

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    Good source on carry laws and permit information. Just click on the state your in and get your laws, click on other states to find out about NR permits and how to get them.
  18. If by "the only ones you can take here" you are referring to training, it's my belief that there is no training requirement for AZ. Check for yourself.
  19. G-23

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    I treat all my (carry) weapons as if they are loaded; because they are!
    I take it out of the holster and place it in another for storage at night.

    Put on my clothes and holster the weapon. Now some may say, "My gosh man!, don't you do a chamber check?"

    Heck no, I know it is loaded. It is just me and the wife and she knows better... and I don't mess with her guns either! Well, yea. I get to clean them!;)
  20. Tys 4x4

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    Always carry +1 whether it's the pf9 or the G27. the only time I have to top off the mag is when I initially load the weapon. Both my pistols stay loaded with one in the tube. Whichever I'm not carrying goes in the safe. It's only me and my girlfriend in the house, no need to worry about the gun getting into the wrong hands. Unless of course someone breaks in and takes my safe. lol