Non-gun-friendly businesses

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    Let's compile a list of non gun friendly stores, restaurants and businesses.

    Borro's pizza (AZ)

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    Anyone remember that civilian shot by police at a COSTCO somewhere? The establishment has signs announcing no guns. A customer walks in. Somehow or another, staff sees the gun (perhaps he was OC?; the guy did have a CCW); confronts customer and asks him to leave. Customer gets irate. Police are called. Police now confronting an uncooperative armed civilian. Guy gets irate, draws weapon while. Police are forced to shoot and kill customer. This was only a couple of months ago, perhaps late summer 2011?

    All because (1)COSTCO is anti-gun, and (2)armed civilian was being an idiot.
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    I have seen a no gun sign on the door at buffalo wild wings
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    I havent seen a no gun sign at the costco by my house in AZ...

  5. Hooters in Tennessee or anywhere that serves Alcohol in Tennessee really
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    The two COSTCO warehouses where I live have them prominently displayed at the main entrances.
  7. quite honestly anywhere that wouldnt let me carry doesnt deserve my business
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    Thats why i do ALOT of shopping on :)
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    I think you will have to know your state law very well and ensure the signage is correct before you go naming names.

    If you are wrong, slander charges can be brought maybe to you and this site for preceived lost of business.
  10. I think compiling this kind of list on a board used by people all over the world will be a difficult task at best. There are a couple places on the list already that don't have signs up in my area (Denny's, Applebee's). In addition, adding a place to the list just based on the fact that the law prevents you from carrying there is hardly fair to the business.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    If we are wrong then we are wrong, no company would waste there time on slander charges over this issue if they have a sign prohibiting guns at there door. I do know the state law very well and I am very aware of the signage requirements in my state.
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    You should know where you are not permitted to carry your weapon. Review the material you received with your permit. A business can't post a sign denying your right to carry a weapon permitted by law. Know the rules regarding the use of deadly force. How long do you have to notify the issuing authority of your change of address? Is your CCW permit valid if you exceed this timeframe? :)
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    Gentlemen...Company X in one state can have a no firearms allowed sign posted...and in the very next state, that same Company X may not have a no firearms allowed sign posted. Employees of some companies don't even know their own company policies when it comes to firearms, and some companies are franchises and can have very different policies on firearms within the same state, depending on the owner.

    I suggest that if a company has a policy against firearms that you disagree with...then don't patronize their store / business.

    As for this thread...please act like gentlemen and keep it friendly !
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    Please let me clarify why I started this thread. By no means do I aim to boycott any corporation or business, and I do realize that the same businesses, in different states, may have different rules. Please, only post businesses where you have seen a no gun sign at, along with the state/city that you saw it. This is meant to warn our fellow armed citizens of the places in which he is not welcome. Keep it clean! A good argument is always good as long as we don't get butt hurt over the little things.

    In addition to the phx/az area...
    AMF bowling centers
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    Are you aware aware of the new law saying you can carry in a establishment that serves alcohol as long as you don't drink
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    This is definitely a state-by-state issue. In Ohio, a business can most definitely do this. We've got a problem here where landlords of some large strip malls posted signs at the entrance to parking lots back when posting "No Gun" signs was in vogue. The individual businesses are franchises of companies whose other franchises don't post signs. For instance, I walk into the Office Max just down the road from me with an open-carried G26 on my hip 2-3 times a week, and I stop at several other Office Max locations in my area when I need to print a notice "in the field" - never had a problem. But there is an Office Max and numerous otherwise gun-tolerant businesses in a plaza in North Canton that I can't go to because there are numerous prominent signs at the entrances to the shared parking lot.
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    IKEA in Woodbridge, VA.
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    Not that IKEA is a good place to shop anyways. I can buy cheaper crap furniture at Walmart.