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    A lot of us carry CCW. I do so with my Glock 26 daily.

    We all go to the range and practice shooting.

    Some, not all of us, practice drawing our CCW Glocks and dry firing.

    You can be a great shot but if you fumble getting to your piece out from under various layers of clothing and then out of its IWB holster and on to the target, the results might not be favorable.

    When I first got my 26, practicing pointed out a little bit of a safety issue. Getting the gun out was not the problem. Putting it back into the IWB holster was. On a couple of occassions, I accidently dry fired my Glock putting it back in. Big OOPS! :eek:

    Without an external safety like on a 1911, its too easy for clothing, belt, holster to pull the trigger upon insertion. Just ask Plaxico. Of course, being a dumb ass he wasn't wearing a holster but the potential of an AD remains.

    My solution was to buy and use a Glock trigger Saf T Blok. ~ $12. When adjusted correctly and then with a little bit of practice, IMHO its good insurance against pulling a Plaxico.
  2. okay... I can appreciate what you're saying but I have found this with the safe-t-blok...

    You HAVE to put your finger in the trigger guard to get the safe-t-gimmick off... I dont like that. My finger only goes in if a round is coming out.

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    Hi Voodoo.

    My Saf-T-Blok sticks out 3/16" to the right of the trigger guard.

    Maybe we have different types but with mine a slight push outside the guard behind the trigger and it ejects to the left.