"NO GUNS ALLOWED" & Ali (Oop) the terrorist

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    Picture this. Mall owner is all worried about liability costs if someone gets shot in his money-maker. So, of course, on the advice of his Loss Management insurance specialist, he decides posting a "NO GUNS ALLOWED" sign will solve all his problems and save him some moolah. No brainer, right?

    Back during the first bombing of the World Trade Center were you aware the FBI did a swoop in an apartment complex that's about two miles from a mall in NJ. It had/has a large percentage of ********* immigrants living there. (Don't want to be specific here. Heaven knows I wouldn't want to disparage anyone.;)) Seems there was some celebrating going on in there immediately after the bombing came on TV.

    According to rumors in the local LE communities, Uncle Sam snagged a couple members of the muslim brotherhood during the sweep. Of course everything was kept hush-hush about the results of the sweep. (We all know how anal those FBI folks can be about giving out info.)

    So now Michael Moneybags has his "NO GUNS..." sign going and he's all warm and fuzzy about saving money and proving he's a very liberal guy.

    And here I am, Ali (Oop) the terrorist, all hot and sweaty after my daily immersion of some wacko, Al-Qaeda jihad website. And man, let me tell you, I'm all worked up over taking a roll with those 72 virgins. Where to go, where to go? Decisions, decisions. Do I go to the city with all those SWAT police and dogs on the trains and subways? Ah! I know! The mall during the annual President's (substitute any holiday) Day sale. The stupid infidels don't allow guns in the mall. Perfect. Allah Akbar. God is great!

    Well, needles to say, I'm sure you can fill in the rest of the story on this one.

    That is why, if there's a "NO GUNS..." sign on the door, unless it's an absolute necessity, I take my business elsewhere. He obviously doesn't deserve my money or my respect.
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  2. I go elsewhere, or I carry anyway.

  3. G-23

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    Advocating breaking the law isn't the right answer. Broadcasting that you blantdately have no regard for the law on the internet, IMO, isn't a smart move in the right direction either.

    Shopping elsewhere is a good begining. Joining organizations at the state and local levels that get the bad laws changed can also help.
  4. All of which i do. Im not getting into this, its only like the third topic in this in the last week and i really dont care enough to repeat myself.
  5. there are no "gun free" zones......

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    In most states, those signs do not carry weight of law. The worst they can do is ask you to leave.
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    Businesses that have a No Guns Policy will have to accept my No $$ policy !
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    Been reading Stephen Hunter, have we?
  9. Kmurray96

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    Nope. Never heard of him. But great minds think alike. :)
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    Absolutely true here in SC too!
    But like others before me and after me; I don't want to spend my hard earned money in a store that tries to push the anti-gun agenda.
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    Amen brother!!
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    This !!!!!!