No Gen4 in California?????

Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by TH3180, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. TH3180

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    I saw in another thread that people who live in California can't buy Gen4 GLOCKs. I did some searching and can't figure out why they can buy the other generations but not 4s. Not that it really matters to me because I will never live there but it got me wondering. Any help would be great.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    The Gen 4 Glocks have not gone through the Cali Testing and until they do will not be allowed for sale in Cali, several guns are not on the list because of this.

  3. Glock_Fanatic

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    one more reason they are communist... i kid i kid... but seriously who wants to live in a state like california?
  4. TC125

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    Correct me if i'm incorrect, but I believe its the manufacturer that has to pay for the testing to be done. I'm sure its not an inexpensive price either for Glock not to do it. As for the other Glock models they are still approved for California purchase until the certificate expires. Check out California DOJ website for approved guns.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    True, costs a pretty penny made of gold and coated in platinum… lol
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    Me! Im from Cali and love that state BUT living in AZ, i just love these gun laws too much to leave lol. Ahh, only if Cali had the same laws :/
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    Gen4s are still available for sale in California through a single shot exemption loop hole. In California you can purchase a pistol that is not on the buy list if it is over 11" (that number could be off) and it is only able to hold and shoot one round at a time. So, you pop on a ridiculous looking 11" barrel and a magazine that holds no rounds and locks in place and you buy your gun. Once purchased legally through single shot exemption you can modify your weapon how ever you want as long as if falls within California law. ie. A stock barrel and 10 round magazine. A group of friends and I had a forest ranger run all our serials, 3 Gen4s no problems at all. 100% legal. 200% pain in the ass, welcome to California, enjoy the weather.
  8. TC125

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    Actually, i forgot. You can have a Gen 4 in California as long as you are in LE or have purchased a Gen 4 Glock from someone in LE.
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    Sheesh!!! You gun lovers just need to leave that state and land in one of these other states that respects the 2nd amendment!!! Just my humble opinion of course!!!
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    Other then are gun laws it's amazing place to live... My average temp is 70 deg.. And the scenery is beautiful!!
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    Yeah, yeah, don't rub it in man!!! I'm here in 100 degree weather in Utah, having just returned from a family vacation to San Diego, and still can't get over how awesome the weather was...if it wasn't for all the commie liber...sorry, I know, keep those opinions to myself!! But if the politics were different, and you could do something about those dang earthquakes, I'd live there in a heart beat!!!

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    Indeed. Given the right seasonal conditions, I can ski the mountains in the early morning then speed down to hit the afternoon waves in one day. (Or vice versa, depending on the lunar calendar.)

    I just can't open carry when I do either. :/

    And who's afraid of a little tremblor every now and then? Seriously, after awhile, nothing below a 4.0 warrants a flinch from me. ;)
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