No difference with new trigger?

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by photogmack, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Hey forum folks!

    I recently ordered and replaced my G30's trigger connector with the 3.5lb GHOST connector, but didn't notice a difference in trigger pull or break. My buddy's G19 has the same set up, but is much lighter and even draw than mine. Is this just because mine is a .45? I compared the old and new, and they definitely have different angles at the end. Do you think I should go through and polish all the contact points?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You could try putting a small drop of oil into the interface between the connector and trigger bar.

    The G19 might have other modifications to it, such as a heaver trigger spring and/or a lighter firing pin spring with lighter firing pin. I wouldn't change the trigger spring or the firing pin spring.

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    You can do that. can send it to me and I'll make it smooth like buttah.
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    That's the thing though, I did add the oil. My buddy's G19 only has the connector installed. He bought it new and that's the only thing he did, besides night sights.
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    Wilco thanks!!
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    Haha I'm sure you could! I prefer to work on my own Glock though!
  8. Dude get a Wolff spring kit on Gunbroker and put them all on my trigger pull is butter not spongy like it was with the factory springs and Ghost connector now I have a Ghost Ultimate connector too with all three Wolff springs no probs at all with 350 rounds on it so far it's proven for me! But I like a light trigger. [ame][/ame]
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    I don't mind light trigger pull, but for my EDC, the spring kits are a little too light.

    *UPDATE* I actually did go the range, and the difference was huge! 15 yards, and I was punching 3-4" groups. This, for me, is a huge improvement.
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    Changing just the connector does't make a huge difference, but they are a little crisper.
  11. This is because you only did the connector. You need a 6# wolf spring also.
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