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  1. kimo

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    I want to put some night sights on my G19. Trying to find the best deal.
  2. dwcfastrice

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    There's a couple of threads on night sights floating around at the moment. I think yours makes #4.

    I like Trijicon's TFO but in Green and Green (rear/front) and not the Yellow/Green.

    I JUST (yesterday) switched out my Trij TFO's to Glock branded night sights made by Trijicon. They were brighter than the Glock branded night sights made by Mepro.

    I also have Ameriglo night sights on my G23 40/9 conversion.

    I had the XS Big Dot sight on my Gen 3 G23 and I REALLY liked those.

    Hope this gives you a place to start.


  3. kimo

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    Haha sorry but yah I think I saw a few of them. I'm just trying to get the best bang for my buck hah. Thanks for your input.
  4. dwcfastrice

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    Aren't we all.

    There is another thread, fairly recent, (tonight) where there is an exchange between the OP and one of the Forums vendors, BlackWolff tactical. It lists his pricing and shipping.

    You'll see the glock branded trunk on sights are a good $ deal.

  5. Texmos

    Texmos Glock, Victorinox, Maxpedition. Repeat.

    I saw some TruGlo sights on for around $75. They were the green fiber optic/tritium hybrid sights. That's what I run with on my G19.

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  6. Call glock up and order there night sights I tried several different kinds tijicon, mepro the orange mepro thumbs down am going to change them out with glock sights. I need so many for at least 4 of my glocks bought the tool to slide them get an MGW sight tool way better then the glock made one, metal over plastic any day.
  7. gahanna6

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    Trijicon I took the photos with my phone it's a lot brighter

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  9. PeacefulWarrior

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    Truglo TFO in sunlight:


    In Dark: