Night sights?

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  1. survivor

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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry... Realized I posted in wrong section... How do I move this to the right section???

    So I have had my Glock 19 since 1998 and still haven't put night sights on...

    I jut feel that if I can't see my sights, I can't see my target, so won't help seeing my sights? And from close range for self defense, don't even use sights...

    Your thoughts?
  2. ash1012

    ash1012 New Member

    I have night sights and a TLR-1 on my G23 right now. If you can gain an advantage you should. Just my opinion.

  3. GAgal

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    Welcome to the Forum Survivor! I'll be happy to move the thread for you. Enjoy the Forum!
  4. dutchs

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    Easy, It's done.
  5. antek

    antek New Member

    I have some TruGlo TFO's, havn't got to shoot my gun yet but it looks great!
  6. SnotRag

    SnotRag New Member

    I bought my G19 gen 3 it was an LE package with the optional trijicon night sights. I like them and I too agree if you can get a vantage point why not go for it.
  7. sgtcowboyusmc

    sgtcowboyusmc New Member

    When I did the SWAT thing I had it both ways and on my G30's I have it both ways. Not real big on NS. Looking at buying Fiber optics. When you can not see your target I wouldn't want to shoot what I can not see. I have done scenarios with simunitions where good guys shot good guys in the dark! If you have enough light to identify your target then you have enough light to use a Fiber Optics sight.
    Go down to the Plain rear with FO front! That would be what I am going to try out!