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Night sights

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My G26 has factory post sights. Thinking about getting night sights or Tru glo's. Do I need the sight removal tools or can I improvise from my tool box ?
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Meprolight is my choice. Just my opinion. I have no experience with Trijicon. The gun stores I have bought them from have installed them for free on Glocks. Some time back I installed a Meprolight front blade on my Ruger SP101. The front blade is held in by a pin that has to be punched out and you have to drill through that hole to make a hole in your new sight. I looked at the Ruger forums prior to install for advice. A guy recommended wrapping plumbers tape liberally around the barrel and sight to prevent scratching the finish if your punch slipped. It worked like a charm. I could see doing that to drift the old rear sight off. Could also work on install 'till you get down to fine tuning the final location. Even then you could layer some on the side you are punching on. In lieu of the Glock sight tool.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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