night sights or laser?

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  1. slowjo

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    What do you use? Im new here and would like to know whats best. I recently purchased my first Glock. A new Glock 27 gen 4 and I am thinking about upgrading the sights. I would like to know advantages/disadvantages of both. Thanks.
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    I use night sights (prefer mepros), and TLR-1 taclights. I don't use the laser because I really don't trust them to hold their zero. I've heard people say that a laser is good as a cowitness with iron sights incase you don't trust the laser, but then you're just slowing yourself down more by crossreferencing, ie defeating the purpose of the laser.

    IMO, lasers are a great toy, but I would not count on a laser for aiming in a life and death situation.

  3. slowjo

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    Thanks for the reply. I know what your saying. I would hate to have to use my gun for protection trusting a laser only to find out that the batteries have died.
  4. Tactical surefire is your best bet for lowlight, providing you can aim...but it also will temporarily blind your enemy giving you a tactical's on my G21 and perfect for a nightstand gun:
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    Thanks"]]Thanks for the reply. I know what your saying. I would hate to have to use my gun for protection trusting a laser only to find out that the batteries have died.[/quote]

    A laser is several things.A laser could change a BGs mind.If you've fallen or are in any situation where you can't line the sights up or only have a weak hand or are too busy moving. I remove mine or turn them off when I target shoot or train.Although a laser is an excellent trigger control aid when practicing because at 7 yds the slightest movement is displayed on the target.The farthert out the more movement.You may think you're holding the gun still, but a 20 yds the dot will move erratically and far.
    I've had carried Crimson Trace lasers for a decade now and haven't had any isssue with them not holding zero.http:// I have both NS and laser.[​IMG]
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    night sights would be a way to go, laser is good for home defense not CC IMO, trying to find a holster to hold the gun/laser will be hard to find unless you buy the recoil spring laser insert or grip laser.
  7. teksid

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    http://[​IMG]It's not that hard.:D
  8. Where did ya get the owb holster. I like that.
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    I use Meprolight night sights on all my semis except for the little Ruger LCP. I also use Crimson Trace laser grips for all semis and revolvers, except my G19. I've tried many makes & models but they all seem to change the feel of my grip on the gun and believe me I really wanted them to work.
    I would also like to take this chance to mention that the Crimson Trace laser grips & laser guards DO NOT drain the batteries when left on. Batteries are engaged only when the activation button is depressed.
  10. Glock_23

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    Night Sights! There is no chance of batteries not working. When SHTF Simple is fast and smooth!
  11. NIght Sights all the way.... dont trust lasers to hold their zero, and dont want them running out of battery.... lasers are a nice toy, but not in SHTF situation
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    I have never owned a handgun with night sights or a laser before. But if I had to pick one it would be the night sights. I just don't like the thought of buying the best sights that only have a shelf life of 10-15 years. I do like the truglo tfo but I would not trust my life with them. At least for now until they come up with a better product or a better/longer warranty.
  13. teksid

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    I got it from the Crimson Trace sight.It's a Crossbreed OWB.
  14. 3L3C7R0

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    I'm really contemplating the truglo tfo's but with that money I could buy 350 round at my local GS
  15. teksid

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    The ammo mod is the best mod:D.
  16. Glocksrgood

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    TFO over Viridian Green

    We strapped a Viridian SXD on my fiance's XD .40 and it's pretty cool. It's a 10 on the "cool" scale and a ton of fun, but battery life can be an issue. We've only used the thing a few times and already have a dead battery. I might have left it on, or the foam padded case it was stored in might have pressed the button, who know's. The fact is it's dead until I go get another battery. The TFO's on the other hand should glow nice and bright for years to come. I think you'd be better off choosing something that you don't have to worry about, or eventually get both. Also, batteries might be hard to come by in a zombie apocalypse. That was my deciding factor.
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