Night sights on a duty G22 gen 3

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  1. Just purchased my first glock and it's a duty pistol... The area I work in is as lit up as well as high crime poverty stricken town should be.... Thinking about getting night sights and looking for some feedback and makes and types....
  2. Glocked

    Glocked New Member

    Im surprised it doesn't have night sights already. I recommend tritium sights. Either meprolight or trijicon.

  3. Get Meprolight or factory Glock night sights I prefer/like factory Glock there made by Meprolight.
  4. chadsaalfrank

    chadsaalfrank New Member

    Check out trijicon HD sights! I just added them to my 27 edc and LOVE them!


  5. Glock22Gen3

    Glock22Gen3 New Member

    Truglo was my choice.