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Night sights and weapon mounted lights

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I am getting a G22 for home defense and a G27 for a carry weapon and I was just curious if night sights on both weapons and a light on the G22 would be a good investment. Also any suggestions as to which night sights would be good to use would be great. I'm pretty much set on a Streamlight TLR-1 for the light but again I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks.
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TLR-1 is a great choice, I love mine.

Night sights are pretty well useless in low light when using a pistol mounted light, but I use both because it never hurts to have a backup.

I love my mepros, they are brighter than the trijicons I've had, and stay brighter for years in my experience
Agree with bhale187. TLR-1s has strobe which only comes into play for building searches and disorienting a bad guy that's hiding out. I just got the insight LED conversion for the Streamlight/Insight M3. It is great so far. Surefire has their weapon light which are great but pricey. Beware of Chinese and knockoffs they "usually" don't hold up and some were only intended for airsoft.
I have True glo TFO sights on my 23 and just order my tlr-1 I would spring for the night sights on both. Always be prepared for the worst. I think night sights are a must have and the TFOS. Are really bright at night and then you have finor optics during the day
Thanks for the input y'all. Guess it's time to start doing a lot of night sight research now.

Here is a place to start lol
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