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Nice content, message volume and iOS app here.

I've been around handguns since the late 80's and Glocks since 2009. I have a modest stable of Glocks and stuff:

Gen4 Glock 22 (stock)
Viridian Gen1 X5L Green Laser/Light (on rail of G22 as nightstand gun)
Gen3 Glock 23 (with Green/Green Mepro Night Sights). Right now, my EDC pistol.
Kolbeson Leatherworks DPS holster (sized for the G22, normally used for G23). My EDC holster.
Alabama Holster kydex Pocket Holster & Mag Holder sized for G23 - yes, I pocket carry a G23 when I don't want to sweat on or otherwise abuse the DPS.
UPLULA - My thumbs thank me every mag load.
Gun belt from A Better Belt USA. My latest item. Has become my EDC belt.

Preferred ammo - 180gr Federal HST (P40HST1)

Wish List:
Gen4 Glock27
AA 22LR kit for the Glock 22
MORE HST - I never feel I have enough :)
A place to shoot like Hickok45 has :)

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

Brown Comfort Chair Leather Metal


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What part of Alabama you from?
I'm down in Brewton.
Nice set up you have there. I agree, you can never have enough ammo.

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I grew up in good ole south Alabama. Welcome to the Glock Forum!
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