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    New G23 owner here and new to the forum. Never really been much into guns but after training in the law enforcement academy started liking it more and now that I own a Glock I can't stay away from the range lol! Got some Trijicons installed after purchase but beyond that don't plan to do much else unless approved by the agency I'm currently being interviewed for. Currently active-duty air force since 1996 so the most experience is with the M16 and M9. Also waiting on my CC permit.
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    Welcome to the forum!!!!

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    Welcome to the forum G2376.

    What holster did you get or have thought about getting?
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    Welcome G2376! Give me a PM if you would like access into the LE/Military section.
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    Welcome G2376! Thanks for your service to this great Country.
  6. G2376

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    Right now I have a Serpa level 2 but I used it in the academy, will probably get something with at least top retention in basket weave since I haven't seen many on duty with something like the Serpa. I also have a blackhawk concealed holster just waiting on my permit.
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    Thanks havasu and Hurricane and everyone for your welcome!!
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    Hello, G2376, and WELCOME to the Forum!


    Second of all, Congratulations on getting a Glock (good choice by the way, the G23)

    Got any photos you can show off of your G23?

    If you would like access to the Law Enforcement & Military subforum, send a Private Message to Havasu.

    Again, Welcome!

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum G2376 !!

    Where are you stationed and what is your MOS in the Air Force ?
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    Welcome to the forum, thanks for your service, and good luck with the interviews!
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    I'll have to get some pics uploaded! I have got one from yesterday's range time but you can't see much of the gun.
  12. G2376

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    My AFSC (which is our version of MOS) is 1S0X1, which is safety. I deal with ground safety (like OSHA), flying safety and weapons safety. I'm officially assigned to MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL but I primarily work at Avon Park Air Force Range in Avon Park, FL. We host a 106,000 acre training range for all of the branches of service plus various federal agencies. The best times are watching the A-10s fire their 30mm rounds, which by the way at 72 rounds a second! Got less than 5 years left to hit 20 years then plan to go full time in law enforcement.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum!
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    I have since been hired and should start training end of July. Also sold my 23 in favor of the 27 for backup.

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