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Hi everyone. I'm from pa and my first pistol was a glock 17. It was my dads and is from the early 90s. It's so smooth and hasnt had a hiccup yet. I have since bought 2 more pistols and my next will most likely be a glock 23. I plan on using this for my ccw.
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Hello, DrumsNGuns101, and WELCOME to the Forum!

Nice choice on the 17 there, excellent choice on the 23! By chance any pics you can share of your '17?
Welcome to the Glock Forum DrumsNGuns101 !!
Welcome to the Glock Forum!
Wow...........that sure brings back memories. Welcome to the forum! :)
Thanks everyone. This seems like a great community here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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